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    Pre-draft visits

    How strong of a sign of interest have pre-draft visits (or lack thereof) been for the Steelers over the years? I ask because I'm studying the draft guide, and names come up of guys who seem interesting, yet I hear no scuttlebutt about. Case in point: Jeff Allen is a Tackle from Illinois. He started 47 games in college in a major conference, and seems to have all the measurables and character. (Frankly, don't know why this guy isn't a first-round lock.) Is there any chance we take this guy in Rd 1/2? I don't think I've heard that he's visited the complex at all, though I could be wrong.

    As things stand, I think the BPA for us at 24 is Mychal Kendricks, followed by Zeitler (if still around). But if a guy like this is available (i.e. a future LT potentially), I might have to re-visit my Mock first round.

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    I wouldn't complain about Zeitler, Kendricks, or Allen in round 2. But there is no way any of those guys could be considered to be the best player available for us at #24. In order to get best value at #24, you need to draft a player who is one of the top 25 overall in the draft. I'd say that most analysts have Zeitler in their top 40 prospects, Kendricks is in their top 60 prospects, and Allen is in their top 75 prospects. All of those guys have probably been rising of late (Zeitler from mid-2nd to early-2nd, Kendricks from late-2nd to mid-2nd, and Allen from 3rd round to possible 2nd round consideration), but none of them have risen to the point that they would be considered to be a value pick at #24 (all would be considered reaches there, unless we were able to trade down and get another day two pick in return).

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    Shoe, it seems that the Steelers use visits to rule guys both in and out. Just off the top of my head, I know that Sonny Harris was a guy that visited that they ended up drafting late. I know there are other guys that visited that they passed on - Cliff Avril is a name that comes to mind (took Bruce Davis in the third instead).

    As far as predictive value, the visits certainly help to see what rounds and positions the Steelers are targeting. As for individual players, it is tough to tell whether the Steelers will select a player without knowing how the visit went.

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    That's what I was wondering. I asked because I heard no mention of a particular guy I was reading up on (Jeff Allen), who I liked but didn't ever hear whether we brought him in. Can you recall us drafting a guy (early) who we never brought in for visit? (i.e. Heyward, Hood, Timmons, Pouncey... did they all visit?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe View Post
    That's what I was wondering. I asked because I heard no mention of a particular guy I was reading up on (Jeff Allen), who I liked but didn't ever hear whether we brought him in. Can you recall us drafting a guy (early) who we never brought in for visit? (i.e. Heyward, Hood, Timmons, Pouncey... did they all visit?)
    As far as i know Steelers did not bring Timmons, Heyward, Hood for visit. Only player that visited Steelers was Pouncey.

    I think important thing to look is when KC, Tomlin and DC or OC/ DL coach/LB coach/OL coach visit a particular team's Pro Day.

    Miami (the U) and Ohio State are great example this year.
    Steelers Draft 2015
    Rd 1: Devante Parker - WR/ Kevin Johnson - CB
    Rd 2: Danielle Hunter -OLB
    Rd 3: Steven Nelson - CB
    Rd 4: Derron Smith - S
    Rd 5: Henry Anderson - DE
    Rd 6: Wes Saxton - TE
    Rd 7: Deon Simon - DT

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    ​​​Wednesday, April 25, 2012

    2012 NFL Draft: Steelers Pre-Draft Visits

    LaMichael James - RB, Oregon

    Could be a perfect complement to the Steelers bruising rush attack. Also would make an impact in the passing game. Comparable skill set to Darren Sproles. Projected late second to third round.

    Isaiah Pead - RB, Cincinnati

    If the Steelers are looking for more of a feature back to replace Rashard Mendenhall, here's where they look in possibly the second round.

    Greg Childs - WR, Arkansas

    Showed he can be a number one receiver in college before sustaining a knee injury. Someone is getting a steal with Childs. Projected late third to fourth round.

    Toney Clemons - WR, Colorado

    A very athletic wide receiver who can do it all. Reminds me of Antonio Brown with more of a leaping ability and more size. Not ranked very highly, but the Steelers could see something in him. Projected seventh round/undrafted.

    Stephen Hill - WR, Georgia Tech

    Much like his GT predecessor, Demaryius Thomas, there isn't much film on a guy who played for a triple option team but his 4.3 forty at the combine really opened some eyes. Could be a first rounder for the Steelers if their top choices are gone before 24. Projected late first round, early second.

    T.Y. Hilton - WR, Florida International

    His 201 receiving yards against Louisville made him a known prospect. Runs the vertical seam well. Mike Wallace-like in that aspect. Fourth or fifth round projection.

    Keshawn Martin - WR, Michigan State

    Basically Antwaan Randle El. High school quarterback who is very athletic, but not a true wide receiver. Has potential but that doesn't make him a great NFL wide receiver prospect. Would be surprised if he gets drafted before the sixth round.

    Michael Egnew - TE, Missouri

    Has great hands and is very athletic for a tight end. Really can't contribute to the run game. Projected as a fourth or fifth round pick.

    Ladarius Green - TE, Louisiana-Lafayette

    Possibly the most athletic tight end/wide receiver combo in the draft. Can be highly productive, but needs to work to learn how to be a dynamic tight end at the next level. Projected fourth rounder.

    David Paulson - TE, Oregon

    Not much film on him as a run blocker, but shows he has great hands. I think he benefited in Oregon's system and mobile quarterbacks. Projected seventh round.

    Adrien Robinson -TE, Cincinnati

    Another big, strong and athletic tight end. Much like Paulson, Robinson can possibly find himself being selected in the seventh round.

    Mike Adams - OT, Ohio State

    Initially could have been considered a first round possibility. Character issues have wiped away any chance of that. Projected second round.

    Bobby Massie - OT, Ole Miss

    A 6'6", 316 tackle can be used by a lot of teams. Could hear his name as early as the second round.

    Mitchell Schwartz - OT, California

    Versatile enough to play either right or left tackle. Another second or third round guy.

    Brandon Brooks - OG, Miami (Ohio)

    No combine invite for Mr. Brooks didn't mean he wasn't gonna work his tail off to make himself a viable second round pick.

    Lucas Nix - OG, Pittsburgh

    The Thomas Jefferson kid could find himself in his hometown team's uniform next season. Projected fourth or fifth round.

    Amini Silatolu - OG, Midwestern State

    A small school talent that could make a big splash in this years draft. Could come off the board in the first round.

    Kelvin Beachum - G/T, SMU

    Could be a great later round steal for the Steelers because of his ability to play both guard and tackle.

    Hebron Fangupo - DT, BYU

    Started his career at USC before a leg injury. Can be a true run stopper in the Steelers 3-4 set. Projected around fifth round.

    Trevor Guyton - DL, California

    A quick DT, but a little small to fit in the middle of the 3-4. Fourth rounder.

    Akiem Hicks - DT, Regina

    A guy with so much size and a lot more potential. Not very highly touted because he's from Canada, but he can be someone we'll look back at and wonder why he wasn't a higher draft pick. Can go as early as the third round.

    John Hughes - DT, Cincinnati

    Another possible run stopper, but a lot less highly projected. Seventh round at the highest.

    Dontari Poe - DT, Memphis

    The combine's biggest jaw-dropper. Showed his strength and athletic ability in Indianapolis, but that doesn't mean anything translating to the NFL. A year or two under Casey Hampton can hopefully turn his raw ability into pure talent.

    Andre Branch - DE, Clemson

    Not a likely guy for the Steelers to get, will most likely be gone late first round, early second. They are looking for youth at defensive end, though.

    Cam Johnson - DE, Virginia

    Johnson, as opposed to Branch, could be around as late as the fourth round and might be able to showcase his athletic ability on the Steel Curtain's front.

    Nick Perry - DE, USC

    Perry is another guy that will likely be gone. He intrigues me though, wish he would slip to deep in the second round.

    Olivier Vernon - DE, Miami

    Smaller than you would typically like as a 3-4 defensive end. Might be hanging around in the sixth round.

    Derek Wolfe - DE, Cincinnati

    The Steelers like their UC Bearcats this year. Wolfe is another possibility for a late round DE and at 6'5" could be a good one.

    Jerrell Harris - LB, Alabama

    An outside backer that, truthfully, probably just benefited from being on Alabama's number one ranked defense.

    Dont’a Hightower - LB, Alabama

    The guy I want the Steelers to select the most. I think he could be better than Luke Kuechly. Let's hope he's there at 24.

    Mychal Kendricks - LB, California

    Another backer that the Steelers are high on. If they don't get Hightower, could be a possibility for the second round.

    Jeremy Jones - DB, Wayne State

    A versatile DB that can add some depth to the secondary with William Gay leaving for Arizona. Would be a pick at the tail end of the draft.

    Keith Tandy - CB, West Virginia

    I've seen Tandy be very highly touted as a late round pick. He makes much more sense than Jones to me. A fourth or fifth round talent.

    Zach Nolan - LS, Stanford

    What do you know, a long snapper. I guess just checking all the possibilities (or to get the scoop on Andrew Luck!)

    Posted by Seth Austin

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