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Thread: Focosteeler Mock!

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    Focosteeler Mock!

    My 2012 NFL Mock


    Steelers' 1.24 and 2.56 for Cowboys’ 1.14

    1 — 14
    • David DeCastro –OG– Stanford 6’5” 316lbs
    As we all know, DeCastro is the top ranked Guard in the draft, many have him grading out higher than any offensive lineman in the draft. But being a Guard he won’t be drafted in the top 10. He slips past some teams allowing us to jump up and take him. He can come in and immediately improve our offensive line.
    3 — 88
    • Mike Martin – NT – Michigan 6’1” 300lbs
    I think Mike Martin is the perfect guy to replace Chris Hoke. Although he is smaller guy, he works his butt off. He has a wrestling background which helps with his ability in the trenches. His effort is something that I really like. He is one of those guys that I think could really come out and shine.

    4 — 120

    • Lucas Nix –OG– Pitt – 6’5” 317lbs
    I have liked Nix since I watched a couple of games last year. He plays with a mean streak and he blocks through the whistle. He is a good run blocker who has some good range and will get to the second level. He is more of a mirror pass blocker than a dominating guy. While he does have deficiencies they are all coachable and Kugler should be able to turn him into a starter by the end of the season. (here is a link to some film) 5 — 152
    • Miles Burris –LB– San Diego State 6’2” 240lbs
    I am very impressed by the speed and physicality of Burris. He gives us great potential AND position flexibility. He has the strength to set the edge like, he has the explosion to rush the passer like and he has the movement skills and technique to play on the inside, as well. His athleticism makes him an ideal special teams candidate. The Steelers can always work to add studs to special teams, and Burris would be a huge contributor in the facet of the game. He is ranked all over the place, rounds 4-7 so I will play it safe and take him early (especially since the Ravens are apparently very interested)

    6 — 184
    • Toney Clemons–WR– Colorado 6’2" 210lbs
    I really like Clemons, I know we already have Wallace, Brown and Sanders but I think that Clemons could really do well in our offense. He ran a 4.36 at his pro day and can also return kicks. He is mocked all over the place, 5 round to PFA.So I will take him in the 6th....
    7 — 216
    • Akiem Hicks – DL – Regina 6’4’ 324lbs
    He has fantastic size and frame to play at a variety of positions. He displayed good quickness off the ball both at the CIS level and as the East West Shrine Game. Has the strength to hold up at the point of attack and does a good job anchoring down and holding his ground.

    7 — 240

    • Ryan Miller –OT– Colorado 6’7” 305lbs
    He played mostly guard at CU and has balance/coordination game in both the run and pass game and is better suited to play as a right tackle at the next level. A sub-par Senior Bowl performance really hurt his draft stock and made him fall. Most of his issues are technique stuff. He can provide some depth at Tackle while Kugler gets his technique right.

    7 — 246

    • Keith Tandy – CB – West Virginia 5’10” 195lbs
    We lost Willie Gay so we need to replace whoever takes he starting spot. I think Tandy will do just fine, he is a solid athlete with good ball skills. He has the talent turn into a solid player if he takes the opportunity. He does best in zone coverage and is fluid in his lower half and does well to change directions without losing too much speed.

    7 — 248

    • Vontaze Burfict – LB – Arizona State 6’1 250lbs
    Ok so I know all the bad stuff that Burfict does, in combination with a less than stellar season and poor combine have some people taking him out of the draft completely. But I know what I have seen him do on the field. He has talent and he lays the wood on contact. He can hold the point of attack and for his size exhibits "plus" range and fluidity despite what he did at the combine. As of right now I don’t think he could step in for Farrior but I think he might have that potential. He needs to stay in control of his emotions. I think the Steelers are the perfect fit for a guy like this. He needs to be put in a good locker room with a veteran presence to him to help him learn to be a professional. If he doesn’t work out, it’s a 7th round pick, which we have plenty of this year.

    Priority Free Agents------------------------

    Chigbo Anunoby – DL – Morehouse 6’4” 326lbs

    Delano Johnson – OLB – Bowie State 6’4” 267lbs

    Derek Carrier –TE – Beloit College 6’3” 245lbs

    Charles Deas –NT– Shaw 6’3” 316lbs

    Alvester Alexander –RB– Wyoming 5'11" 206 (I have to include a Wyoming guy )

    There it is!
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    Me like!!!!!! Emphasis on get OL that we need. Good balance between offense and defense.

    I don't think Burfict will last until Round 7. No matter how much a bonehead he has acted someone will take a chance in the Round 4-5 area.

    Might also consider a RB before a third OL. Still like gannaway from Baylor in the Rounds 5-7 range.
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    Dude. Epic Mock draft... That is BEAST!
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    As much as I lik DeCasto, I don't knowifhe's worth a 1 and 2. I like a lot of your other picks though. Personal opinion is that your overdrafting rounds 4-6 by one round each, and underdrafting your 7th round comps.

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    I wouldn't trade up for Guard. I want him, but I want at 24. If hes not there go another direction.
    Here We Go Steelers!

    Draft 2.0

    1. Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M
    2. Jason Verrett, CB, TCU
    3. Kareem Martin, DE, UNC
    4. Donte Moncrief, WR, Mississippi
    5a. Shaquille Richardson, CB, Arizona
    5b. Seantrel Henderson, OT, Miami
    6a. Kevin Pierre-Louis, OLB, Boston College
    6b. Glen Stanley, OLB, Albany St
    7. Beau Allen, NT, Wisconsin

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    Very Nice draft. I like it. Emphasis on big and ugly is the way to go.

    I would prefer Ryan Van Bergen some where in that draft.
    Steelers Draft
    Rd 1: Mike Evans - WR
    Rd 2: Kyle Van Noy - ILB/OLB
    Rd 3c: Philip Gaines - CB
    Rd 4: Taylor Hart - DE
    Rd 5: Justin Ellis - DT
    Rd 5c:Xavier Grimble -TE

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    This is a good draft. I would be happy with this. And getting Burfict in the 7th which is now highly possible that he will go that late, could be lightening in a bottle for the Steelers. My only thing is, I really would want to keep that second round pick. I am willing to move up as far as 18 for DeCastro. That would require #24 and #86 (3rd round pick), at 900 value points.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelersrock151 View Post
    As much as I lik DeCasto, I don't knowifhe's worth a 1 and 2. I like a lot of your other picks though. Personal opinion is that your overdrafting rounds 4-6 by one round each, and underdrafting your 7th round comps.
    To me DeCastro is as close to a sure thing as there is in this draft, and he fills our biggest need. I agree that a 1st and a 2nd is a hefty price, hopefully he falls into the late teens draft day so we dont have to lose the 2nd, only a 3rd

    I agree with what you said about over/under drafting. Its just so hard to predict those rounds. Everyone sees them going in different rounds. I just saw a mock this morning that had Akiem Hicks going in the 3rd round and Ryan Miller going in the 4th....I should put a disclaimer saying these players are interchangible round wise, as long as we get them

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    1 & 2 is a hefty price but if you can get a guy and lockup a position of need for the next 10 years then you do it. I like the 3rd and 4th picks as well.

    However, I see a big gap and that is no one that addresses our dire need at FS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelz09 View Post
    I see a big gap and that is no one that addresses our dire need at FS.
    What do you suggest? In this draft, safety-wise, Alabama's Mark Barron is likely to be off the board before #24. Notre Dame's Harrison Smith is a reach at #24 and is likely to be off the board by #56. Then there is a drop-off. Both of those guys are probably better strong safeties than free safeties anyway. Our front office has shown some interest in Michigan State FS Trent Robinson, who should be a late-Friday or early-Saturday type of pick.

    This is not a good draft for safeties. It should be a much better safety draft in 2013 (USC's T.J. McDonald, Alabama's Robert Lester, Georgia's Baccari Rambo, Miami's Ray Ray Armstrong, etc.), so that may be where we look for a future starter at safety (this year looks pretty much like a draft for safety depth after the first pair).

    Are you basing this "dire need at FS" on the fact that Ryan Clark will not be able to play at Denver again? Well, we play Denver week 1, so no incoming rookie FS would offer more to us than Ryan Mundy does that soon into his Pro career. One way to break a young guy's spirit would be to start him at safety in prime time during week 1 of his rookie season in Peyton Manning's debut in the thin mountain air.


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