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Well the trade up part would have me dancing in my living room. If the Ravens want to give up a 3rd for a player that may fall to them...Go right ahead...Let me hold the door for you! You also just passed on a WR, OLB, and Birk's replacement. You gave up alot thinking you would make a division team weaker by taking a player you think they like. That looks like a win for the Steelers. Besides....The Ravens will get the steal of this draft. At some point, I expect them to draft Burfict. Burfict and Ray Lewis have reached out to each other on different occasions. I also know the tape of sophmore player "Burfict" was liked by the Steelers but don't know much damage has been done since then in the Steelers eyes.

That is hard to follow but did my eyes deceive me and Glenn not go in the 1st? If Glenn is there...He would be the pick. Steelers won't reach on Zeitler at #24. I'm a Zeitler fan but this is a good draft for Gs in the 2-4 range. No need to pick from the field when steak is on the table.

I agree with you on Burfict. I hope we get him with a late round pick.