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Thread: PlanetSteelers 2012 Board Mock Draft Official Selection Thread

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    The Niners addressed the OL and DL in the first two round with Mike Adams and Jared Crick. They signed Mario Manningham to start opposite of Michael Crabtree. Behind them, they have an aging and indifferent Randy Moss and kick/punt returner Ted Ginn. They need legitimate WR depth. There is a WR still on the board whose stock has risen recently up into the 2nd round area, making him a great value selection late in the third round.

    The San Francisco 49ers select Illinois WR A.J. Jenkins.
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    patriots select safety antonio allen south carolina

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    The G-Men lost Brandon 'Caravan' Jacobs to the 49ers this off-season and the RB cupboard is nearly bare. Can Bradshaw tote the rock for the entire 2012 season. Likely not so they pick up a new tough guy from Utah State to help pick up the slack...

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    With the last pick in the 3rd round of the Planet Steelers mock draft...our very own Mr. Irrelevant...the Oakland Raiders finally join the party by selecting an OT from Utah

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