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Thread: Teams Inquiring about Mike Wallace

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    When negotiations start, the player inevitably asks for the moon, while the team tries to get him on the cheap. Over time, the ultimate number lands somewhere in the middle. Wallace and his agent would be stupid if he weren't asking for top dollar at this stage of the game.
    Starting high in negotiations is a perfectly normal tactic, but what Wallace is doing goes well beyond that. First his camp "leaks" the word that he is looking for Larry Fitzgerald money. To my knowledge, the only public comment Wallace makes about this news is a cryptic tweet that says not to believe everything you read...not exactly a denial and certainly not a clarification of the facts. If true, it violates the spirit of starting high in negotiations. It's the type of starting point that makes the other party accuse you of being high.

    Now, Shefter is spoon-fed information that Wallace will not sign his tender and plans to forgo all off-season activities, absent a long-term contract. Whether this is actually his intention, or he is just publicly posturing with the media, it paints him to be an idiot of epic proportions. How does he think the franchise is going to feel about this position? How does he think the fans would respond? Other potential teams? He has nothing to gain and everything to lose.

    If you want to [undeservedly] shoot for the moon in negotiations and/or threaten to take your ball and go home, then at least keep it in-house. Otherwise, all you do is alienate those around you. I think we can see the evidence of that on this board already. Hell, I can tell you straight-up that I would take a 2nd round pick for him at this point...I couldn't imagine saying that just a few weeks ago.
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