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Thread: Cotchery Resigns 2 year deal

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeler_fan_in_t.o. View Post
    Great news but kind of surprising. With all of the teams needing WR help out there, how is it that this guy is available to come back as our #4 WR? Both in terms of PT and money value.
    He hated the locker room atmosphere with the Jets and loved the locker room atmosphere with the Steelers. Why risk going someplace new where it may be dysfunctional again and you'll be miserable, when you already know what you have here (and like it). It's not as if he would be any team's top option anyway (or likely anyone's #2 either). So if you are deciding whether to go somewhere else and be their #3, or stay here and be our #4 (which might be a de facto #3 judging by how often Manny Sanders is injured), he decided to stay where he was happy.

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    Good move for both parties...

    If you're curious as to why Cotchery would agree to be a Steeler, lok no further than Chris Hoke's quote when he resigned with the Steelers in 2007:

    "I feel like they (the Steelers) respect what I do," Hoke told the Valley Independent of Monessen, one of the few newspapers that bothered to interview him after his signing. "It would be fun to start, but the thought of going somewhere else -- you might not mesh with the coaching staff or the players or the organization, and the next thing you know you're out the door in a year or two."

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    Buzzing, Excellent news!

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    Teams know that taking Steelers doesn't work out for ANYONE these days. We actually have a team and each fills a void. We keep the stars and the others do a good job or holding their own. But when someone takes them thinking they are a budding star, they are unhappy and out a bunch of money. Redskins, Cardinals, Browns and Bengals. All taking our leftovers. We have even shown that when these players get cut from their new teams, that we will take them back and they do well. Foote, Randle El, etc.

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    This is really big, especially since I just read that Adam Schefter reports Wallace has no intention of signing his one-year tender. He could be sitting out a long time.

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    I like it alot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by winwithd View Post
    This is really big, especially since I just read that Adam Schefter reports Wallace has no intention of signing his one-year tender. He could be sitting out a long time.
    for sure! This wallace thing will be interesting to watch.
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    great news
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    Wallace is under contract for next year...he has no choice but to play. Unless he signs a long-term deal with us or someone else, I guarantee he will be signing his one year tender. Otherwise, he'd be playing out his rookie contract. I'm not sure what that would be, but I'm guessing a whole lot less than the 1st round tender of $2.7M.

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    ​This is very good on many levels. Welcome back Jerricho.


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