Here are the final voting results from Walterfootball along with some commentary about the Steelers pick (as well as one random comment about the Browns for no particular reason that I can find:

Pittsburgh Steelers: Dont'a Hightower, ILB, Alabama

Dont'a Hightower: 54.6%
Mike Adams: 19.5%
Mark Barron: 7.8%
Whitney Mercilus: 4.4%
Devon Still: 3.9%
Coby Fleener: 2.7%
Nick Perry: 2.4%
Peter Konz: 2.4%
Doug Martin: 2.3%
Total votes: 1,840

Brian S: Hightower, every LB they draft turns out great no matter who they are.

Kyle M: Has to be Hightower. losing Farrior opens up a huge hole next to Timmons; plus none of their other needs are within reach, aside from Doug Martin and maybe Mike Adams.

Jonathan M: The interrior of the Steelers defense needs to get younger. Hightower comes from a pro ready defense. Hightower should be able to fit right into Dick Lebeau's defense.

Peter O: The Steelers' defense is aging. Adding another defensive piece could be what would take them back to the Superbowl

David E: The Steelers biggest needs are O-line, NT and LB. There is no value in the O-line or NT at spot 24, so the options are trade or Hightower.

Timothy S: One thing for sure is that this is going to be a defensive pick. I can see why so many people want the Steelers to select Dont'a Hightower and it would be a good pick. Personally I voted Mark Barron. I don't know why Janoris Jenkins wasn't included in the poll, though. The Steelers could use a Corner.

Tim M: The logical choice is Hightower here. Adams and Barron would both garner interest but if I had to guess I'd think that Hightower would out rank all others in terms of BPA. I like what I've heard about Hightower, but based on his lateral numbers I'm not thrilled.

El Dopa: I don't understand Cleveland. They keep saying they need a wr and qb. But last year they could have drafted Julio Jones and this year make the trade for RG3.

Matt R: The only logical moves I can see are the Steelers trading down and grabbing Alameda Ta'amu in the 2nd or trading up to snatch Poe from (in this draft's case) the Panthers.