View Poll Results: If the following are available at #24, who would you take?

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  • Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State

    0 0%
  • Mark Barron, SS, Alabama

    7 25.93%
  • Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford

    1 3.70%
  • Dont'a Hightower, ILB, Alabama

    10 37.04%
  • Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin

    5 18.52%
  • Doug Martin, RB, Boise State

    1 3.70%
  • Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB, Illinois

    0 0%
  • Nick Perry, DE/OLB, USC

    1 3.70%
  • Devon Still, DE/DT, Penn State

    2 7.41%
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Thread: Walterfootball Reader Mock Draft is voting on Steelers pick at #24 now

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    yes, I'd take Barron in a second!. He'd be a little out of position at FS, but I think he and troy would be great together. Our interception numbers should go up as well.
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    I've watched Barron play and I'm certain he can play FS. He looks to be good and coverage, aggresive in the run support, and the ability to close and make the interception.

    I would prefer Glenn or DeCastro because of our interioir line situation but if both are gone, Barron would be a good pick.

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    Peter Konz. Draft him, plug him in at Guard and enjoy an improved OL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squidkid View Post
    i've been predicting barron for a month now
    Even though the position he is best suited for is currently occupied by one of the best the game has ever seen? Mark Barron is not a free safety. He is an NFL strong safety. And the Steelers do not need to be using a first round pick on one of those.
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    I disagree. I've seen some very good coverage skills from Barron.

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    Konz is intriguing. Chaqnce we move Pouncey to G? He's showing some injury issues. Maybe he'd be safer at G. If he can't make 10 years, might be better to slide another true C onto the team. Not saying who the starter at C would be, but we'd have an option. Plus both could play G or C.

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    No surprises here. Saw this early this morning, about 5 am and he was just over 60%. The surprise was he only ended up at a little over 54%.

    I thought this was a good idea on that sites part. There was a pretty good fan response and quite a bit of interest.

    This readers mock draft coupled with something I saw last week [someone posted their 6 2nd and 3rd rd players they loved] gave me an idea since there is so much interest in the draft.

    It would amount to selecting a player each fan thinks the Steelers will draft in a given round. Heres how it would work.

    In each rd you list any number of players you believe might be available when the Steelers draft. If the player you list 1st is selected you get 10pts. 2nd 8pts. 3rd 6pts. 4th 4pts. 5th 3pts 6th 2pts. 7th or any other 1pt. There is no penalty or deduction if a player on your list is taken the scoring comes into effect only if the player on your list is available. Really quite simple. And the lists can be changed at any time prior to the actual real draft day pick.

    What this would amount to would be sort of a de facto real time draft. [Something which has never worked in the past] One more thing. If a player listed in an earlier round is not taken in that rd he carries over [unless deleted via change] and would be the #1 pick in the next round. [More than likely not there [taken with no penalty to selector] but you never know. An example might be something like:

    Rd 1

    1. DeCastro 2 Poe 3 Glenn 4 J. martin 5 DH 6 Adams 7 Barron 8 Perry 9etc.

    1 2 3 gone 4 not taken 5 Steelers pick 8pts awarded any other player left carry over unless changed to rd 2 plus the new feasible bunch etc.

    This is not my entry: I would put DH 1st then I suppose the others in about that order probably.

    Think this could work: As I said it would be as close to a real time draft as possible and could be fun. I think it might work at least for the 1st 4 rds. Suggested amendments would be helpful.

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    I went w/ Konz
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    Where is "None of the above"?

    I would take Mychal Kendricks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe View Post
    Where is "None of the above"?

    I would take Mychal Kendricks.

    Incidentally, I fell asleep last night with this movie on.


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