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Thread: Ed: Steelers Need OL More than Anything

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    Ed: Steelers Need OL More than Anything

    Right on the mark. No depth at OT and poor OG.

    [URL=""]Ed: More than Anything, Seelers Need OLinemen[/URL]

    Friday, 06 April 2012 06:53
    Written by Ed Bouchette [URL=" 951ea70f8c3"][/URL]

    Good Good Friday Morning,
    Letís put aside for a moment which player the Steelers might draft on the first round, and concentrate on what they need. It wonít take anyone long to determine that their greatest need is not at inside linebacker, or at nose tackle or cornerback.
    They need offensive linemen. Lots of them. Perhaps that is why the only visitor to them in free agency was offensive tackle Demetrius Bell, and two of the college prospects were also tackles, Bobby Massie of Mississippi State and Mike Adams of Ohio State.
    The Steelers need tackles because they hardly have any, and one of their starters hasnít been able to play more than one game in the past two seasons because of injuries, Willie Colon. Marcus Gilbert will move from right tackle, where he replaced Colon as the starter in his rookie season, to left tackle, where Mike Tomlin says is his more natural position.
    There is not much behind them. Veteran Jonathan Scott is No. 3. He opened the season as their starting left tackle, a job he lost quickly. The only other tackle of note is Chris Scott, who was drafted in the fifth round in 2010 and has played in only two games. Jamon Meredith, briefly on the roster last season, woould have been a restricted free agent but the Steelers did not tender him an offer, making him unrestricted. He signed with Tampa Bay.
    With Colonís history of injuries and little depth, the Steelers could find themselves in trouble quickly at tackle. Perhaps they will draft one, but will he be able to step in the way Gilbert did last season? Perhaps Max Starks, who is unrestricted, will heal by the summer and will re-sign with them. He bailed them out last season when Jonathan Scott could not handle the left tackle job. After being cut before training camp, Starks re-signed after the fourth game and started the rest of the season. Maybe Trai Essex, also a UFA, will return too.
    Then there is their shaky situation at guard. Right now, Doug Legursky and Ramon Foster are their starters.
    They have one other guard on the roster, John Malecki.
    Essex can play guard or tackle, but he canít play both at the same time. The Steelers are desperate for offensive linemen, and theyíve already passed on the only one they have looked at in free agency.
    They may not draft an offensive lineman first, but they surely must draft several of them.

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    Duh comes to my mind...
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    Here We Go Steelers!

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    Contrary to Ed, I feel that Trevis Turner does indeed exist! He is a tackle on our roster who has shown promise and could challenge for a roster spot this season. Now, of course, I agree that we should use another OT and OG or two. But, the idea that we only have 8 offensive linemen on the entire roster is a little bit...incorrect. Also, Trevis would be insulted by all of this.
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    Even if Bill Belichick was getting an atomic wedgie, his face would look exactly the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calmkiller View Post
    Duh comes to my mind...

    Ed is on it, nothing gets past him...

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    Quote Originally Posted by calmkiller View Post
    Duh comes to my mind...

    In other news, water is wet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe View Post
    In other news, water is wet.

    Ed probably found himself an hour before his deadline without a story and asked himself, "Hmmm, what can I write about real quickly?"


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