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I haven't seen anyone saying we can't improve at OG, but at what cost? Last year we were told that drafting a guard in the 1st round was foolish, and now this year, its a great idea.

personally I believe the bigger issue is at LG and would love brooks for that spot and would spend our 2nd to get him. I have been on record that I believe Foster is fine at RG. Other places and things I read say the same, but here he has a few very vocal critics. Could Foster be upgraded? Sure he could, but at what cost again? OG is not the only hole on this team. Some seem to want probowlers and high draft picks at every position and that is just not possible in the salary cap NFL.

I would agree that LG is the most immediate priority to replace, but we can continue to disagree about Foster. He is serviceable at best but many of the failures in short yardage were as much him failing to move his man as Kemo or Legursky.

There is a reason that no one signed Foster or Legursky as a RFA even though they would have essentially not had to give up any compensation in return. They just aren't that good. We have just become so numb to bad OL play we accept what they do.