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While the Patriots used Green-Ellis & Woodhead as their main RB's last season, they also had 2nd & 3rd round RB's drafted in last years draft- so while they lucked out on 2 nuffy RB's, they still have insurance in the way of higher quality (potentially) RB's on the roster in Vareen & Ridley. The Packers even added a RB in Round 3 last season. And the year they won the SB they had Ryan Grant running for them- a proven RB.

Right now, the Steelers have NO proven, healthy RB on the roster. We've convinced ourselves Redman is the answer...based on what? We like him better than Mendy, therefore he's good enough??
I haven't drank the "underdog" kool aid and convinced myself that Redamn is anything but a back-up but I have convinced myself this is a critical year to fix the OL or we won't have a QB. If we don't protect Ben whoever else we have in the backfield won't matter. We aren't going to the play offs.