When the Steelers selected Ziggy Hood and to a lesser degree when they selected Cam Heyward, I think many of us were a bit surprised. The Steelers often conceal their first round targets quite well (and sometimes not so well - like Revis). Who are some some candidates for surprise Steelers first round pick this season?

I'll start with one.

Nick Perry.

Perry is a little small (shorter 6'3, shorter arms for his height, and only 250 pounds) for a 4-3 DE. His best value is likely at 3-4 OLB. Perry is a tenacious pass rusher with great first step quickness and get off. Perry is still developing as a pass rusher but shows good instincts, defends the run very well and shows good anchor strength to set the edge. He seems like a hard working, high motor steeler type of guy. He could be drafted this season and be groomed as Silverback's replacement while contributing as a rotational nickel pass rusher and special teams guy. This is not a sexy pick. But, this is a Steeler-type pick as he has the right work ethic, motor, and long term value to be potentially the BPA at 24.