New Nike uniforms to retain Steelers 'look'

April 4, 2012 12:14 pm

Those who were looking for a radical change -- or even a slight one -- in the Steelers new uniform will be disappointed. Nike, which officially took over as providers for uniforms of all NFL teams, unveiled those uniforms in New York Tuesday.

The Steelers uniform underwent one small change -- the Nike swoosh on the shoulder of the jersey and the front hip area of the pants.

All the new Nike uniforms will be more form-fitting (read: tighter) and the players should like that, especially linemen on both sides who go through rituals to tighten their jerseys to make it more difficult for opponents to hold them.

It likely will be more of a relief to most fans that the famous black and gold uniform has gone relatively unchanged, although those pining for a return to the block numbers from the 1970s will have to endure the Chicago Bears-like style on the team's uniforms again.

Steelers president Art Rooney II had said there would be no change in his team's uniforms, other than in the material. He also said there will be a new throwback uniform this season, the 80th in team history. That uniform will be unveiled later.