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Thread: Let's play "Who would you pick..."

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    IMO, we can and should go BPA. While I'd love to have Keuchly, if there's a better guy on the board when we pick we should take him (with the exception of a QB).

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    I'll admit that I'm not familiar with all of the players you listed but I would have to choose between these 3:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    Personally, I think that there is a very good possibility that either Glenn or DeCastro will be there...

    While an OG being selected in the teens has happened in past drafts, it is certainly not a common thing...
    DeCastro is a possibility? From what I've read, he's long-gone by time we pick. If he falls to anywhere near our neighborhood (i.e. #16-19), we need to go Troy Polamalu/2003, and trade up to get him.

    People are citing our D-line woes... and yes: they've been more mediocre than anything else. But we can't keep spending #1's there, especially if all we're going to get are average guys like Hood/Heyward.

    OTOH, look at our O-line. Right now, our most dependable guy may be Ramon Foster. Gilbert seemed to be nicked a lot last year, Colon is obvious, and POUNCEY. THe guy who is supposed to be our anchor... his ankle problems can probably be considered chronic at this point. People seem to be counting Pouncey as a sure-thing. He's FAR from a sure thing as far as I'm concerned.

    That being the case, I guess I'd take Konz. Not thrilled about it though.

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    if all we're going to get are average guys like Hood/Heyward
    I wouldnt label Heyward average just yet.
    Give the rook a chance man
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pittpete View Post
    I wouldnt label Heyward average just yet.
    Give the rook a chance man
    Ha! No, you are right. I'm definitely guilty of pre-judging Heyward, based on Hood (who has basically shown himself as a ham & egger as far as I'm concerned). I'm not backing off my statement (i.e. I do think Heyward is just another guy), but I do hope he proves me wrong.

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    Given that the Steelers have tipped their hat & shown they are looking at LT's (Hello Demetrius Bell), Chadman is going to stick with Mike Adams at the top of the list unless Bell is signed. The team does not currently have a genuine LT on the roster...
    Early Addition Mock (3 Round Version)

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    1. DaRon Payne
    2. Josey Jewell
    3 Kerryon Johnson

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    Donatari' Poe ???? Well maybe, if you belive this report on Poe.


    Now I still think Poe will get drafted before 24. And I was never really sold on Poe for us even back when alot of experts had him going to us because they said we needed a NT. But Poe has never played NT before. But, the story saying Poe never really did anything at Memphis is a little inaccurate to me. Poe was on a very BAD Memphis defense. And Poe was double, and sometimes triple-teamed to make sure HE did not make the defensive play. Rather make the rest of the Memphis defensive players make the plays cause they were average players. So how any scout can say Poe is overrated based on the fact he didn't make alot of plays is unfair. If you say compare Poe to another pure junior player like DT " Fletcher Cox "...both of whom played the same 35 college games, Poe's total tackles and TFL's, and sacks actually are about the same. But Fletcher played on a Mississippi State team that DID have other very good defensive players, thereby not always seeing the attention by the opposing teams offensive players to prevent him from getting the opportunity to make plays.

    But either way as I said, regardless of the story, I feel Poe will be gone by 24. And, I don't think Poe will ever be happy playing in a 3-4 defense....kinda like Albert Haynesworth.

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    I still think there is a chance we go 4-3 in the next couple years, which would negate the need for a NT. So I could sees 4-3 type DL or s LB they feel could play in the 4-3.

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    If all we want is a 34 NT, then why spend our 1st, when there are a few others who can do the same thing out there for less cost. Ta'amu has similar numbers (that being said, I don't want Ta'amu). Josh Chapman seems very much like Casey Hampton (even the bad knees! I would like Chapman, in Rd 2-4). Why spend on Poe here?

    Besides, I think McLendon has the potential to fill that role. And as far as I know, the coaching staff may think so too.

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    I think Hood played "average" last year but I saw enough from Heyward that I have hopes that he'll be much better than Hood before long.

    I also completely agree about Pouncey. Didn't his brother also struggle w/ ankle injuries this past year? Coincidence? I think not.

    With all this being said, I would have no problem w/ trading up to get DeCastro or staying put and drafting Konz if Glenn is not available.

    I know Tomlin loves "position flexibility" but I think he takes it too far and it has hurt this team.. I'd rather have an elite guy (& trade away a pick to get him) then another average guy that has "position flexibility". I think this team is staying too "average" at many positions and we need to get better.


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