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Let me get this straight, Although I want to keep Wallace for his whole career. A team like the Broncos who witnessed MW drop a key pass and was not heard of the whole game their last time facing him will be the team that dives deep to sign him. OK well wake me up when this is over. If a team wanted Wallace for their 1st why wait so long. Their owner just payed a old QB 20+million a year so now they will tie up 30+ million a year for 2 players , If he does he is as stupid as they come.
Because they just signed "an old QB" that is exactly why they would make a move like this. They have a two, maybe three, year window to do something with Manning provided his health holds up. They have no young developmental QB on their roster. They HAVE TO do something NOW!!!!! The Broncos went all in with Manning and they have to surround him with more weapons than they have now. They have a good cap situation unlike us so money won't be the issue.

Chances of this happening though are still way less than 50-50