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Thread: Ward will retire a Steeler Today

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    Say all you like about 'having to move on' & 'players being past their prime'- there's still 'something' about losing guys like Ward & Smith...something not 'right'...but inevitable, obviously.

    There will be other players, other Steelers that will capture the heart & mind. But for the good part of a decade & a bit- both these guys were 'us'...they were what we live & breath & believe in.

    Hard to lose them in retirement, but easier than losing them to FA.
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    Well said Chadman

    Molon labe

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    Agreed. I'm so glad Hines decided to retire. Having him to Heinz field now, celebrating his career, will be so much more satisfying and enjoyable than had he visited Heinz field in a different colored jersey.

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    My everlasting memory of Hines takes place in Detroit for Super Bowl XL. My father and I were staying in a hotel in Ann Arbor (much cheaper than downtown Detroit or the immediate surrounding neighborhoods for that particular weekend), and when we woke up the morning of the game, while my father was in the shower, I laid out my usual black Hines Ward jersey on my bed, and a brand new white Hines Ward jersey on his bed. He did not know that I had bought it for was tough waiting that long to give it to him, but was ultimately worth the wait. He normally wears a black Lambert jersey to games, and for this game, he decided to wear both jerseys (since Hines plays WR like Lambert played LB). Greatest day of our football lives, and of course, it ended with Hines winning the Super Bowl MVP, putting the cherry on the sundae.

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    Awesome story and pic, RB. I'm going to miss ol' 86.
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    That was a sad day for me. One of the greatest Steeler players ever. Sad that the manning news overshadowed his announcement.


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