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I'd keep Mendenhall if he comes cheap... otherwise, I'd show him the door. When we drafted him, I thought he was going to be a stud. After watching him play, I'd say he was overrated and not a good selection in the 1st round. Maybe, he's just not a good fit in our offense.

But then again, maybe he just needs to:

1) Open his eyes when he runs
2) Not run in the back of o-lineman
3) Run w/ anticipation
4) Not tap dance behind the LOS.
5) Learn how to break a tackle and not break his shoulder in the process

He's a guy that can be easily replaced.... Take the money and sign a guard.
I remember the days when everyone was saying the same things about FWP and how Mendy was the future. Back then I said it's the offensive line that's the problem and I'll say that again now. Both FWP and Mendy don't have a running style for our line. They both needed to be sprung to the 2nd level to be successful and our line can't do that consistently. That's just the type of runner they both are (or were in FWPs case). We need a guy that can break tackles and always fall forward. Even if the hole isn't there hit it anyway and get a yard or two. Don't stop in the backfield and look for somewhere else to go.

I think our running game will improve with Redman getting more carries but that doesn't neccessarily mean he's a better back than Mendy. He just has a style that better fits our line right now.