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Thread: What is a greater need: FS or NT?

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    What is a greater need: FS or NT?

    Which is the greater need?

    NT - The centerpiece of the 3-4

    • Hampton - A proven starter but old and w/ a torn ACL. Not a good combination
    • McClendon - Looked very promising last year and I thought the D sometimes performed better when he was in the lineup.
    • Hood - Unproven especially at NT. The FO says that Hood can play NT but do you really believe that? It's a tougher position and nothing he has shown except his increased weight would indicate he's ready or capable of playing NT

    FS - A close second "centerpiece" -
    He needs to be intelligence, help in run support and hopefully better in coverage/playmaker. I definitely don't see a FS starting in our defense year 1.

    • Clark - Another proven starter than is somewhat undervalued by Steelers fans. A good hitter and decent in coverage. I think everyone would like to see more interceptions and ball hawk ability from our FS. However, Clark lead the team in tackles which is impressive (& concerning) for a FS.
    • Mundy - Mundy is basically the primary backup for both Polamalu and Clark

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    Seeing as how 3-4 NT is the fulcrum of the 3-4 Defense, Chadman picked NT.

    That isn't to say the Steelers need to pick a NT in Round 1- just that they need to have the position sorted out. If Ziggy does, indeed, move to NT, 3-4 DE becomes a need..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman View Post
    Seeing as how 3-4 NT is the fulcrum of the 3-4 Defense, Chadman picked NT.

    That isn't to say the Steelers need to pick a NT in Round 1- just that they need to have the position sorted out. If Ziggy does, indeed, move to NT, 3-4 DE becomes a need..
    I picked FS because of two reasons:

    1) I think it's more difficult to learn from an intelligence perspective especially in our defense. Clark has a lot of "cerebral" responsibilities.
    2) We are so thin at safety and it's concerning. At least at NT, we have options.

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    I went the other way. I think we have depth at NT, but not in the S slot. Mundy is adequate, but thats not saying much behind two important pieces of Defense. We have Hampton and two guys behind him that are fairly unknown, yet watching Hood through his collegiate career thought he would fit well in the Steeler defensive line. I really believe if given the opportunity to play like Ngata (not comparing to Ngata)he will be very successful in our defense. He is a penetrator and though he may not be able to holdup the OL like Hampton his best attribute will make more of the OL focus him because he will be pushing through the line with regularity. By being offensive on defense he will find success at a high level. I just don't feel the same way with Mundy he is versatile, but merely adequate in one of the Safeties absence.

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    I go with Free Safety. A NT in today's pass happy NFL is a two-down player and if it is a classic "run stuffer" then he could actually be a liability with teams passing more on 1st and 2nd down (why the 4-3 defense makes more sense). A Free Safety can be a difference maker on every play and they stay on the field.

    We saw what happened in Denver last year with Clark out of the line up. Our secondary looked totally out of sync. We need to get a top talent Safety on the roster now because Clark can't go forever and lets not forget that while Troy stayed healthy last season that is by no means a given. Getting a guy who can swing between those positions would be far more important that a two-down "blocker occupier."
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    The Steelers need to find a long term solution at NT. I always thought this was the year that they needed to draft that player. Give a rookie at least one year behind Hampton to learn before turning over the NT position.

    The Steelers need depth at both safety spots, but Clark is very underrated. He pairs very well with Troy which is also important. I would like to see the Steelers draft a cover safety to play in some of the sub packages, but for me, FS ranks behind both NT and ILB as a position of need on the D.

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    An NT does not need to be a two-down player...

    A more athletic, penetrating NT can collapse the pocket on 3rd down as well...

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    I have said this a million times. How do the Steelers use their SS? As a result of that, what are then the needs and requirements that their FS will have?

    If you are happy with hard hits and someone who can make a lot of tackles then you are not understanding the need for a FS who has a lot of coverage responsibility.

    Watch Ryan Clark on this TD to Vernon Davis and you will get all you need to know about Ryan Clark.

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    How about a none of these option? OG...
    Here We Go Steelers!

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