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    I just took a Wonderlic

    I just had a job interview today. Everything was going well. Then, out of the blue, he said he had a test he wanted me to take. He put it on the desk was a Wonderlic test. I couldn't stop smiling. For those of you that don't know the Wonderlic test is a 12 minute, 50 question test that is supposed to judge cognitive ability. It is given to all of the football players at the NFL combine.

    Here are the average scores per position:

    [URL=""]Offensive tackle[/URL] – 26
    [URL=""]Center[/URL] – 25
    [URL=""]Quarterback[/URL] – 24 (Most teams want at least 21 for a quarterback.)[URL=""][8][/URL]
    [URL=""]Guard[/URL] – 23
    [URL=""]Tight end[/URL] – 22
    [URL=""]Safety[/URL] – 19
    [URL=""]Linebacker[/URL] – 19
    [URL=""]Cornerback[/URL] – 18
    [URL=""]Wide receiver[/URL] – 17
    [URL=""]Fullback[/URL] – 17
    [URL=""]Halfback[/URL] – 16

    Also, here are the averages for some professions:

    [URL=""]Historian[/URL] – 36
    [URL=""]Chemist[/URL] – 31
    [URL=""]Programmer[/URL] – 29
    [URL=""]Journalist[/URL] – 26
    [URL=""]Sales[/URL] – 24
    [URL=""]Bank teller[/URL] – 22
    [URL=""]Clerical worker[/URL] – 21
    [URL=""]Security guard[/URL] – 17
    [URL=""]Warehouse[/URL] worker – 15

    So, I had no idea this test was coming. I also am fairly anti-math (there are some math questions on the test). The test was interesting, as it contained at least one question that I don't even think had a right answer. I'm supposed to get a call later from the guy about the job. I'll let you guys know how I did.

    (Honestly, I'm still laughing about it. I was like "Wtf? A Wonderlic? BRING THAT @#%$ on!" haha)
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