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Did you DVR it? Right before his first or second 40 yard dash it was said.

Poe will not play much in year one if Casey returns. And playing NT isnt going to be where he is best. Is that where you want to go with pick 24?
I have been listening live online since 9:00 am. I have heard Mayock and others refer to Poe as a NT and said he could be the best interior tackle there. Poe's best position is NT and that is where he is being projected by everyone. They were just talking about Poe. They just named him as one of the Day 1 starters and said he will play at NT/DT and the athleticism he displayed at the combine will allow a defense to move him around in packages. The guys said he was a Top 15 pick which I don't believe. If you were watching you know the guy. It isn't Charlie Casserly (I think that is how you spell it) but it was the older guy on that press panel.

Poe himself said in his interview, "I think I can rush the passer a lot more than people think," Poe said. "I am used to playing nose tackle, but I played some three-technique, some five-technique. I'm pretty comfortable anywhere along the defensive line.

"I think I'm pretty explosive. That's probably my biggest strength. Most people think just because I'm big I do nothing but power. But I kind of use my quickness to my advantage."

I would answer yes to you question. Hampton may begin on PUP. Even last year when he was healthy Hampton was a shell of himself. The future at NT needs to be addressed here and now just like ILB. I would spend the 24th on Poe as quickly as I would Glenn or Hightower. Even if Hampton does start the season Poe will be in the rotation. If Hampton starts on PUP...Poe could leap frog McClendon early.