Ron's got some different ideas. No one is taking him seriously as a legitimate candidate. But he seems to be laying the groundwork to change the Republican party. So kudos to him for what he's out there doing.

But is he simply in the race to do Romney's dirty work? And why?

Paul doesn't seem to attack Romney, but he goes hard after every one of his challengers. First Perry, then Newt, and now Santorum.

Good for Santorum for calling it out. But what's really going on here?

Does Paul want to be Romney's VP?

Does he want something for his son?

Paul seems honest. Seems genuine. Seems consistent. But I have to agree with the sentiment that something strange is going on here.

Curious if anyone has any ideas? I haven't heard an explanation that makes sense.

Maybe he's doing it for Obama? Because no one I know likes Romney. Seems like he'd be the candidate to get trounced by Obama.