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Isn't there a lot of talk about how "raw" Poe is? I cant see the Steelers drafting him if this is the case. I know people will point to the selection of Timmons, but I don't see it happening. There seems to be far too many other positions of need they can fill with their first round pick than taking a chance on a 2-down player.
Poe is raw but that has alot to do with his level of competition and coaching. The interview process & drills will determine if the raw is a concern or simple coaching to tap his potential. The determination of Poe being 2 down player is what is up in the air. Is he a Ngata or a Ted Washington? Most would say they would be happy with either. NT is a positions of need right up there with G & ILB. Rate it anyway you want but that is the big 3.[/quote:1jcy16tu]
Haven't seen a single article where its suggested Poe is only a "2-down" player. A guy with his athleticism & pursuit doesn't come off the field on 3rd down. I imagine after the combine Poe is going to become very popular & may be beyond our reach.