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I would take Decastro over any interior OL or ILB in this draft. I would go as far to say there might be only two OTs I would take over DeCastro in this draft. Pre combine & workouts....There is about 22-24 first round talents in this draft and everyone else is just lining up behind them.

As far as Konz, you put him in a draft with Mack or Pouncey I fear he gets pushed out of the 1st round. I think he gets overdrafted because he is Tops at his position. If you evaluate him as a G I feel there are better Gs than him including his team mate Zeitler who is a 2nd rounder. He is more of a positional cut off blocker. I think he would excell on a team who is in shotgun alot. He is going to struggle for a couple years with a guy lined up over him in a base front when they are coming downhill. I know he has alot of fans on this board but I would be very unhappy with him at #24.
I totally agree with you about DeCastro being the better than some of the OTs and Konz being somewhat elevated because of the position.

I like Zeitler but pretty sure he doesn't last until our pick at #56.