Konz is said to be a first round talent but Im not sure about drafting Konz to play guard for us. And although Pouncey would be a great guard I dont think he wants to do it. He'll probably be gone by 1.24 anyway. What do you guys think about this dynamic?

Also usatoday has a great draft cheat sheet with prospective draft rounds by each player. Just looking at it we may be able to get a starting guard in the 2nd round. The one that Im most familiar with is Zeitler and they have him as a 2. Along with B. Washington and Osemele. Now we'd have to move up in the 2nd to get one of these guys if they made it to the 2nd, but would it be greedy/risky to wait to the 2nd for the most important guard position pick. I mean we could get an awesome BPA in the first then trade up in round 2 to get the guard we need to start come game one.

As it stands now do we take G/T Glenn if he is there at 1.24? I'm on the fence. Could someone post a pros vs cons breakdown of the top 8-10 guards available in this draft.