I may have screwed up the timeline but it all surrounds a former coach who was a pedophile. I think it's foolish to be a coach for 60+ years, has this incident happen in the showers with a former coach and think reporting it to a "superior" is the end of my responsibilities.

If that was me I would make noise, go to the press or resign because "at the end of the day" I'm the face of the program and it's going to ruin my legacy.

Politicians donate or return money received from donors who end up in trouble for a reason. I know this is totally different but I think Joe had a responsibility to completely wash his hands of Sandusky publicly in order to protect his legacy. He knew more about Sandusky then 99% of the public and he had to know once it hit the news it would fall on his shoulders.

I've also heard that the hard drives on the computer of the DA who went missing also "disappeared"