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JoePa was a GREAT, GREAT person who did many wonderful things for his players, Penn State, and a variety of other people/organizations over decades of time.

He did what he was legally supposed to do in this case. Should/could he have done more -- possibly. Although the same law that required him to report it also specifies reporting in the chain of command. (e.g. Not go outside directly).

As we all know, i'm no PSU fan. But, the minute i knew of this story, i began to feel sorry for JoePa. I knew it would ruin his legacy, one of the true gentlemen who coached simply for the love of the game. To my understanding, he did do what he's legally required to do. He told his boss of his suspicions and even had the guy removed from his coaching staff. I get the impression that he had no concrete evidence (i.e., never witnessed this stuff).

I put myself in the place. If someone told me they suspected a coworker of doing something illegal at work, my obligation is to tell my boss or HR or something like that. If my boss tells me it has been investigated and the person was still an employee, would i then turn around and go to the cops? I doubt it - not if I didn't know for a fact what was going on.