I'm not for gay marriage or gays adopting kids. If a person is gay that is his/her problem, not the communities or countries problem. I believe in the bible and that is how I run my life or at least try my best. I don't hate gays or treat them badly. Once you start accepting crap like this there goes society.

I just did some work on a couple of lesbians house, didn't know they were lesbian until one of my workers clued me in and again, that is their problem. They weren't hot at all in fact, they wouldn't even make good looking guys. I dated a girl years ago and when her college friend came to the beach with us and back to the room they wanted to get it together with me and I refused. They were as hot as can be but, I think it is wrong and I know it is wrong.
On the other hand, a sin is a sin. Was I so pure that I had no problem making it with my girlfriend ? No....I'm a sinner in my own life. I do believe some sins are worse than other and I try not to judge but gays........that's just messed up on all kind of levels.