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Thread: The Ron Paul Revolution DEFINED

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    No snarky I was pointing out how people thought they were the same in that election. It was one of Kerry's most prominent ads.

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    Fair enough, but reading this part of your post, it seems like one of three things happened: 1) You conflated the concepts of debt and deficit; 2) You left something out of your example; or 3) You intentionally made a dishonest argument

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    Kerry kept pumping the tv with an ad about how George Bush had the largest deficit in history, while Bill Clinton had a huge surplus. If you remember alot of us got a surplus check. So Kerry was essentailly saying that GWB went from zero to a couple trillion in debt within 4 years.
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    The national debt under bush was several trillion dollars. By comparing Clinton surplus (in effect saying there was no national debt) to the national debt under bush he was essentially implying that the entire debt after 4 years of bushs presidency was his fault. Meant debt in national history. Didn't realize I swapped words.


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