The guy's got more time in the game than just about anyone. He's always designing smart stuff on defense. If anyone could come up with a new offense that would be hard to stop, why not a DC that's seen it all?

We should be tapping into that head of Dick's.

And we could promote someone on his staff to DC like CLake.

After all these years in football, he's gotta be the 1 guy that knows the most difficult plays to stop.

Although the more I think about it, the more I realize he might end up running the same offense as BA. Cause in theory, D's want to prevent big plays. So the right strategy might be maximizing your chances downfield which is exactly how BA called it.

But I think DL would do it in some sort of conservative way.

What's the 10 yard cushion equivalent on offense? That's the wrinkle we need in BA's offense. And we're good.

And maybe it's real simple. Get an OLine that can pass block for 5+ seconds.