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Legs not strong enough? I'll listen to Craig Wolfley and his assessments over yours. Come on...

Oh boy not again. Its fine that you would listen to Wolfley over me Not sure if your post was in directed at my opinions or not, if not then ignore.

If so then guys are going to really have to try to start benefiting from the written word. How can you read any of my post and think that I have written anything in regard to Legs not being strong enough. I haven't said that at all. I really don't care how strong he is, he simply isn't good enough to start for a Steeler oline that we hope to be a force in the future, imo. Not only that but I think we can do much better (this is actually my real point). Legs in adequate at best. Do you really think we should settle for Legs being a starter because Wolfley said he was stong "enough". I would love to hear the context in which Wolfley made this statement.

So basically we should go to the Swiss alps and recruit Magnum von Mangus von Magnusson von Mega'f'ing Supermagnum winner of Mr. Strongest Guy in the Galaxy award the last 5 years and running, and plug this guy in on the oline. Hell, he's strong enough. Heck, we might be able to pay him in 5 gallon barrels of creatine. That's your logic right. I mean have you seen one of these competitions. These guys can pull a 767 jumbo jet by a titanium piece of floss tied around their nads. Sorry for the imagery but you get my point. These guys are stronger than most people in the NFL. So what, Ngata would own all of them.

Let me put it this way. Oline like any position is made up of several different physical skill sets and attributes, along with knowledge and technique. You, arbitrarily emphasizing one of his attributes ie. Legs' strength, would be like me talking up some guy who is tall enough (6'5'') great wing span, great student of the game, understands the plays perfectly, super fast feet and lateral movement, with the best technique in the league and I want this guy to start, right. You see where I going with this. Then you come along and ask me what's his bench. I tell you he can do 225 lb. about 5 to 7 times max. You start laughing hysterically. You ask me how much does he weigh. I say 255 lbs but Im working on it. You walk away shaking your head.

Ok Wolf said he has strength. But he is lacking in other areas to the point that "I" see him get handled too much. He's getting better and he's a keeper, but Leg's is going to help us dominate the line of scrimmage, come on, we can do better.