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We are drafting a NT or G in the first round, most likely.

We had a good defensive season. The final loss was partly due to Keisel and Hampton missing the second half due to abnormal injuries. Clark missing the whole game due to Sickle cell. And Deebo having his worst game in 3 seasons. Yea he's over 30, but didn't use alot of tread early in his career.

We need to replace Farrior, NT and G ASAP.
The rest are solid. We can't have all-pros at every position in this era.
Who said anything about having all-pros at every position? In general, with our D, I'm more concerned with having someone who can step in and play "above the line" in case a starter gets hurt, and who will eventually be able to take over as a starter (although, as I said, when it comes to LB's, we need to have playmakers). The more +30-year-olds you have, the more you have to start thinking about this... even if they don't have a lot of "tread" on them, as they age, their bodies become more prone to break down and it takes longer for them to recover from injuries.