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Thread: Offense? What about Defense?

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    Offense? What about Defense?

    All this talk about the offense, what are we going to do to improve the defense? We have no pass rush, our secondary is exposed. The defense is just as big of a problem as the offense. Don't give me the #1 defense stat. If they play like they did last year in 2012, trust me, they will be no where near #1. They were a product of a great schedule playing teams that had mostly mediocre at best QBs. Flacco went 90+ yards to win the division deciding game. And we won't get into what Tebow did to them in our one and done playoff game. The only impressive game they had was against the Pats.

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    Re: Offense? What about Defense?

    Defense, overall, is in greater need of an infusion of youthful talent. I would not be surprised if 5 of our 7 draft picks are spent on defensive players.

    I still hope one of our top two picks is spent on OL.

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    Re: Offense? What about Defense?

    Nothing wrong with the D IMO. Ike had a horrible game and the DL was injured early on but I they also forced 2 fumbles and recovered 1.

    I could see if the D was consistently bad but it was the perfect storm of injuries and horrible execution.

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    Re: Offense? What about Defense?

    I think the Steelers need help on both lines, but after that, I agree that the defense needs a bigger infusion of youth. The offense could use a big WR, a dynamic TE, or maybe another RB, but I don't see any of those as pressing needs.

    Both lines would easily benefit from two players, and the defense could really use a young ILB, more depth at OLB, and probably another safety.

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    Re: Offense? What about Defense?

    I think the DL is a concern heading into next year just due to youth taking over for veteran players. ILB is also a concern. Other than that, I think we are ok at the other positions and will be good due to the following reasons....

    -Both OLB had injury issues last season so as long as the injury bug goes away we're good.

    -In the secondary our young players really stepped it up and were heavily involved, unfortunitely they all seemed to get injured down the stretch so the experience will hopefully have them ready to contribute even more! I would re-sign Willie Gay though. Dude came on last season under Carnell's watch.

    -As I said, up front it depends on what is going to go on with the cap situation and who can play where. Can Ziggy really play NT to the level we need to run the 3-4? Can Casey play at that level anymore? I don't really trust McLendon to play that position full time. Maybe this is one position we should be looking at for the 1st or 2nd round. DE may also be a consideration if Ziggy can move to NT or if they feel we need more depth here. Maybe Aaron Smith comes back as a backup for a season or so and the limited playing time suits him well so he remains fresh and able to step in for a game here or there or to rotate in here or there. No way Smith should start if he comes back though.

    -Overall, we gotta trust the Steelers to keep the D strong. They have done a good job on this side of the ball.

    -SS/FS with Troy & Clark concerns me.......Not sure if any of the young guys are S material and I think Mundy is a backup. This could also be a target high in the draft.

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    Re: Offense? What about Defense?

    I think that Ziggy could play like a more powerful Chris Hoke at the Nose...
    Actually, my post was NOT about you...but, if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that &!+# up and wear it.

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    Re: Offense? What about Defense?

    Dude, you are a riot.
    14.2 points a game our defense gave up
    20.3 points a game our offense scored
    we ranked #1 in points allowed
    we ranked #21 in points scored
    Yardage allowed is a BS stat so I didnt mention that.
    How do you come to the conclusion that our defense wont be good next year.
    Keep in mind that it took an injury to realize A.Smith didnt have it any more
    Keep in mind that Harrison might be stronger and not miss any games next year
    Keep in mind that Woodley's hamstring will be fully healed
    Keep in mind that Casey Hampton wont be able to take every other play off next year because he will be gone.
    Keep in mind that Farrior will probably be replaced by someone 10 years younger and faster next year.
    Id like to hear your logic.
    Please do explain
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    Re: Offense? What about Defense?

    we've drafted "that youth' the last couple of years

    worldis, sly,carter, cam, hood, allen, brown, (timmons and woodley are hitting their prime)

    i'll go further with guys who need to be given a chance in mcclendon, bryant and woods

    can we give these guys a try before we draft more defensive players that take 2-3years to make an impact in this defense. and maybe (just maybe) try to help the offense that ranks in the bottom 3rd of the league

    would our team really suffer if the Defense drops to a ranking of 5th-6th in the league while the offense improves to one in the top third in the league

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    Re: Offense? What about Defense?

    Farrior, Foote, Harrison, Polamalu, Clark, Hampton, Kiesel, Taylor--
    All of those players, except for one, are currently STARTERS (and the one, Foote, is a much-used sub). ALL of those players are older than 30.

    Will the younger players step up and perform? I hope so, but I think the jury is still out on many of them.

    --At LB, Worilds, Carter and Sylvester might be OK, but I don't think we know that yet. Seems to me that Sly would have gotten more play by now if the team was really sold on him at ILB. Keep in mind that in our D, to be successful, the LBs need to be not just adequate, they need to be PLAYMAKERS.

    --At DB, Cortez Allen, Curtis Brown, and Keenan Lewis all seemed to improve this season, but are they ready to step in to a bigger role? William Gay is likely gone in FA. For all his well-documented struggles, I think he will be missed. Mundy looked OK vs. the Donks, but will he be fulltime starter material at S should something happen to Clark or Polamalu?

    --DL: at NT, Hampton may very well not be ready to play at the start of the season--with Hoke retiring, we need more than just McLendon to man that position. If you slide Hood over, as some have suggested, then you only have two proven DE's, Kiesel and Heyward. So I see need along the DL.

    Yes, we need OL help on offense (as I have noted more than a few times). But otherwise, I don't think the offense needs a lot of different players. With a couple of upgrades on the OL, and an upgrade at Offensive Coordinator, I think you will see tremendous improvement in the Steelers' O.

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    Re: Offense? What about Defense?

    We are drafting a NT or G in the first round, most likely.

    We had a good defensive season. The final loss was partly due to Keisel and Hampton missing the second half due to abnormal injuries. Clark missing the whole game due to Sickle cell. And Deebo having his worst game in 3 seasons. Yea he's over 30, but didn't use alot of tread early in his career.

    We need to replace Farrior, NT and G ASAP.
    The rest are solid. We can't have all-pros at every position in this era.


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