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Yes lets address another OLB, when we need ILB..
Burris is capable of playing both inside and Olb in a 3-4 Steel.

And if we also landed Kendricks to get his young Postie on,... IMO i think we could somewhat offset the facts that Potsie is done, Foote is done, Worilds is ridiculous, Timmons is vastly overrated, Sylvester is a career Backup, Wood (though a stud) is inconsistent and Harrison will be 34.
Dude you got to quit the Worilds is crap stuff. He is a kid in a man's game at this point.

Did Porter, Haggans, Harrison, Gildon light it up there first 2yrs in the NFL? He is the "future". Same as Hood. No way they were going to see the snaps they have if not for crappy injuries to the beasts. Also I hope that if there was not the lock out he would have been a little more ready.

Will he pan out? I don't know at this point and you do not also. He could be another 2nd round bust I will give you that. But man you got to give some of these guys some time to grow. I will say I don't see him being as good as Woodley. But he can grow into a very good LB for us.
I understand your perspective SS and i have no problem with you at all for that fact. However i do not agree that Worilds will ever be productive in a 3-4 defense. IMO he's a 4-3 Tampa 2 type backer,...much like Timmons was coming out of College.

For the most part,.. the best backers for a 3-4 are not only intelligent and athletic,.... but powerful and explosive. I just do not see that from Worilds at a professional level.