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If Ben continues to "express" what's on his mind I wonder if he'll get the "Santonio" treatment. I still think they should have gone out the door together.
That is the most ignorant statement I've heard in a long time. Santonio didn't go out the door for his comments, he went because he was a druggie that showed no desire to change. Has Ben made mistakes? Certainly. Has he shown a desire to change? Yes. Has he learned from his mistakes? It seems to me he has. Has Santonio done the same? HELL NO. So, don't equate the two. You're comparing apples to oranges.
No he isn't... both guys did a great job putting our franchise in a negative light. Ben could've easily been shipped out along with Holmes and most fans would understand why. Not saying they would like it but they would understand why.

Holmes may be a "druggie" but Ben isn't called rapistburger" because it sounds funny...
I get what you're saying but look at what each one did AFTER putting our franchise in a negative light. Ben (seemes) to have changed and he'll need to convice people for a long time he has. Look at what Santoino has done in NY. Do you think he could pass a drug test????