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Thread: Dan made the call on Arians

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    Re: Dan made the call on Arians

    Thank you Mr. Daniel Rooney for making our wish come true!

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    Re: Dan made the call on Arians

    Does it really matter who pulled the plug on Ariens? The point is hes gone. Thats all callers have talked about all week. Did Ariens retire? Was he Fired? Who fired him? Who cares? Hes gone. This is what most of Steeler Nation has wanted for 5 years now. Frankly I dont care if James Harrison threatened to go helmet to headset with him if he didnt retire.

    Time to move on and look to the future. It was the right move, at the right time. If the Steelers make a good hire here, this offense has a chance to be really dangerous.

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    Re: Dan made the call on Arians

    Quote Originally Posted by Steelers>NFL
    Thank you Mr. Daniel Rooney for making our wish come true!

    A decision that NEEDED to be made ASAP!! I don't care if the lunch lady made the call. Frankly, I'm little surprised to see some of the backlash this move has received in some outlets. I don't know how anyone who has watched steeler games over the past few
    years and couldn't see the offensive disarray. This offense had no rhythm, no identity, no creativity whatsoever and most importantly, struggled to score points. I know our team achieve success but lets be clear, it wasn't because of the offense. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just kidding themselves. The offense was just along for the ride.


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