Round 1
Jerel Worthy-DT, Michigan State 6 foot 3 310#- You know I have to rep the Big Ten. And Worthy is a name I kept seeing pop up. I was impressed with his play. He was a man amongst boys when seeing one on one action. Most teams had to double team him, as he is not only very strong and physical but he has tremendous athletic ability for a big man. He has all the tools to be a tremendous 3-4 NT. I like this guy a lot.
Round 2

Kelechi Osemele-G Iowa State, 6 foot 6 347 pounds, Whoo wee! I really like this OGís potential. He is huge, strong, and has the potential to be a very good guard or even RT at the next level. I believe he would start from day 1.
Round 3

Marvin McNutt-WR Iowa 6 foot 4 215 pounds-I got to see a lot of McNutt. He is a terrific receiver with magnificent hands. He isnít that fast but he is big, runs terrific routes, has amazing hands, and just knows how to find holes in Dís. I think he has the most potential to outplay his draft selection of all the guys I have looked at.