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With what Arians is trying to do with our offense of going for the rainbow passes, nothing underneath, not allowing for the the short stuff or allowing for ball control with the run game that, can add into as much of a factor with the losses.

Ball control on offense to keep Brady on the bench, more man to man on defense and less blitzing on Brady because Brady, reads too fast and unloads too fast with accuracy.

Steelers were the No.2 team on Offense regarding TOP. Now even though they did not score bunch of points they did control the ball which helped the Steelers Defense. Steelers move the ball from 20-20 very efficiently. Its the Red zone which is the achilles heel for Steelers Offense.

People have fallen in love with the game plan against Patriots. In the end Steelers scored only 25 points. Dink and Dunk offense did not solve red zone woes for Steelers.

Ball Control is never an issue with the Steelers offense. Scoring in Red Zone is an issue. Do i blame OC for that? Yes he should take some blame but players including Ben should take responsibility for failure to execute in the red zone.

I want Steelers OC to be replaced not because BA sucks but i think BA does not bring anything new to the plate. I want new OC to tweak the current system not overhaul it.

My Wish List from new OC:
I hope to see fewer runs on 1st down and in Red Zone. No more stupid 3 TE sets. I want more 3-4 WR set. And i want RB like Sproles in the backfield maybe Batch will be that person.

I wonder if Mendenhall falls out of favor now that Arians is gone?
I don't know if I want Mendy to fall out of favor. I just think Redman has earned the shot at being the #1 RB for us with Mendy as the change of pace guy. We actually ran against teams we should be able to run against with Redman as the man ... unlike what Mendy provided us.

This really isn't a knock on Mendy. I just don't think he is suited as well as Redman is to run behind our lousy offensive line. With a different line, one that opens holes, I think Mendy would be the guy.