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To with what Rooney said, I think you need to read between the lines.

First off he said that, injuries were not the cause of our loss to Denver. It wasn't the defense out with so many injuries but our offense. And having said that, the loss is on the offense. I know the defense screwed up but hey, we are the offense like so many others that doesn't have a fullback. Offenses today our high powered but just not our Steelers. He's blaming Arians for maybe not that loss but, an offense that struggles, can't make it in the redzone, yada, yada, yada with all of the fieldgoals that should have been some TD's in there every so often. Strike that, with our weapons on offense we, should be sprinkling in fieldgoals instead of the sprinkled in TD's that we do.

And why do you think he is not calling out the Defense? 23 points on road should be enough to defeat a QB like Tim Tebow. We were not playing Brady or Rodgers.

Art Rooney on the last play

""Well, it certainly was a tough ending. That was the worst last play of a season I've ever been through. Then again, it's the first time we've lost in the playoffs in overtime. "

And you still think he is calling the offense??