Change is coming boys and girls! Since we are significantly over the salary cap, there are some very difficult decision that have to be made in the off season and as I have mentioned before we will see a "Generational Change" take place. The core player that took us to three Supper Bowls while winning two are going to have to be phased out: Aaron Smith=Gone, James farrior=Gone, Casey Hampton=Gone, Hines Ward=Gone, Foote=Gone, Bmac=Gone, etc.

This is likely to change the balance of power in the AFC North in the short term and the key question is: Do we bite the bullet and make a big change in one year or to we hang on to players with diminishing skills? Do we hope we get a little more out of them or do we cut them all and start fresh potentially taking one step back with the hope we can take two steps forward.

IMO I think we need to just accept it and make the big cuts and get right salary cap wise and thrust some of these young players into the line up to see what we have. The Ravens sort of did that last year and got into the AFC Championship game. maybe it is a case of the old adage: "Bad news doesn't get better with age."

Your thoughts: Radical surgery or minor pin pricks? Which gets us back on top soonest?

Just as importnat as to whether the organization can manage this transition, will the fans be able to handle it if we struggle???????