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Thread: Arians Stays but Same Problem Remains: Steelers Canít Score

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    Re: Arians Stays but Same Problem Remains: Steelers Canít Sc

    The offense scored points. Scoring more then the opposition is all that matters. They scored enough to help the team win 12 games. Too many mistakes by both sides of the ball hurt their chances vs the Broncos.

    Inconsistent QB play for much of the season and injuries on the Oline contributed more then any other factors to the offenses inability to score points.

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    Re: Arians Stays but Same Problem Remains: Steelers Canít Sc

    I don't know why it's so important to score a ton of points every week. As long as we score more then the other team I'm happy. It would be easier on the heart if we blew more teams out but look at New Orleans. All those points don't make the loss feel any better.

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    Re: Arians Stays but Same Problem Remains: Steelers Canít Sc

    Steelers look for offense to take off next season

    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    Here is a statistical look at the Steelers during the 2011 regular season:

    4: NFL rank in third-down conversions

    23: NFL rank in sacks per pass play (1 for every 12.9)

    45.9: Third-down conversion rate

    49.1: Mike Wallace's average receiving yards in final eight games

    53.9: Antonio Brown's average receiving yards in first eight games

    74.2: Conversion rate on field goal attempts, tied for 31st in the NFL

    84.6: Brown's average receiving yards in final eight games

    90.1: Ben Roethlisberger's passer rating, the third-lowest of his career

    100.0: Wallace's receiving yards in first eight games

    631: Receiving yards by tight end Heath Miller, the second-highest single-season total of his career

    Guard Trai Essex is one of the Steelers' 11 unrestricted free agents, and he hopes to return in 2012. Among his reasons: He doesn't want to miss out on the fun.

    Essex is among those in the organization who think the offense has a chance to take off next season.

    "The sky is the limit," said Essex, who was drafted by the Steelers in 2005. "Once we get a consistent o-line and stop getting hurt all of the time, we will be fine."

    That may be easier said than done, given the Steelers' continuity issues up front. But addressing offensive line questions this offseason, one that will bring more change than usual to one of the NFL's most stable franchises, could be the key to unlocking the offense's potential.

    The Steelers are flush with talent at the skill positions, particularly at receiver. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is in his prime and headed to his second Pro Bowl. There is uncertainty at running back, with starter Rashard Mendenhall having to come back from a torn ACL. But Isaac Redman, in his second start last Sunday, gashed the Denver Broncos for 121 yards rushing in a 29-23 overtime loss.

    His performance in the AFC wild-card game showed that the former undrafted free agent can be more than a dependable short-yardage back. And he was only one of eight key players on offense who had no more than three years of experience this season, meaning the unit has considerably more upside than the Steelers' aging defense.

    "We have all the talent in the world on the offensive side of the ball to be the No. 1 offense in the league," Redman said. "To have all of the talent that we do, we kind of look at where we finished this year with the offense and are like, 'We're better than that.'"

    The Steelers ranked 12th in the NFL in total offense (372.3 yards per game) but tied for 21st in scoring (20.3 points per game).

    The disconnect between the two can probably be traced to the offense's struggles after it got in scoring range.

    The Steelers scored touchdowns 50.9 percent of the time they were inside the opponent's 20-yard line, ranking 18th of 32 teams.

    "One aspect of the game where we have to get better is in the red zone," said receiver Antonio Brown, who had a breakout season. "Maybe I should have (made) some more plays, so I'll just blame me. I think it's all about looking within yourself as an individual and seeing what you could have done better, and I'm pretty sure that the other guys feel the same way."

    The struggles of an offensive line that used 10 starting combinations in 17 games were magnified inside the 20-yard line. Staying relatively healthy in 2012 -- and developing cohesion -- would go a long way toward the Steelers' improving up front.

    The team figures to address the line early in this year's draft, if not with their first-round pick. The Steelers have taken All-Pro center Maurkice Pouncey and tackle Marcus Gilbert in rounds one and two, respectively, of the past two drafts.

    They could target a guard with one of their early picks this year.

    Upgrading the line won't be the only significant step the Steelers take to improve the offense.

    Roethlisberger and the receivers will have an entire offseason to work together, something they did sparingly last year because of the lockout.

    Roethlisberger talked to Brown and wideout Emmanuel Sanders about that after the loss to the Broncos, and their conversation didn't end in the hushed visiting locker room at Denver's Sports Authority Stadium.

    "Talking to Ben on the plane, we're going to get together this offseason, and we're going to continue to grow as an offense," said Sanders, who missed five games because of injuries. "The goal is always to be the No. 1 offense, so we're headed in that direction."

    Teams, per the new collective bargaining agreement, are allowed to have 10 voluntary practices during the offseason as well as at least five minicamp practices that are mandatory.

    Roethlisberger indicated he and the receivers also will work on their own.

    "We can be great," Roethlisberger said. "We just have to put in the work in the offseason. A lot of that is going to fall on me."

    He is not the only one who thinks the Steelers need to take a sense of urgency into the offseason.

    "The lack of work that we had this summer with the lockout, you could tell that kind of hurt us," Redman said. "In the offseason we just need to come together and get that timing and have that edge on every other team. We just need to work harder."

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    Re: Arians Stays but Same Problem Remains: Steelers Canít Sc

    People like to blame Ben and the O-line for our woes. While I agree the O-line is putrid, Arians has been the ONLY common denominator in this offense since 2007. Even Ben has missed several games. All other positions, even in coaching, have seen several changes in personnel. BA is the only constant in all this.

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    Re: Arians Stays but Same Problem Remains: Steelers Canít Sc

    Quote Originally Posted by papillon
    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel
    BA Stays but Same Problem Remains: Steelers Canít Score

    Posted on January 12, 2012

    To all of you who are glad that Bruce Arians is likely staying with the Steelers, I would humbly like to submit the following question: Why canít this offense score points?

    The Steelers are 19th in the league in total touchdowns with 36. Breaking that number down further we are 15th in the league with 13 rushing TDs and 13th with 21 receiving scores (then one each for special teams and defense Ė that defensive stat has the Steelers tied for second to last Ö but thatís another issue).

    First off, I need to begin by saying that I am not a BA basher. I donít blame him for all the woes of this team, nor do I put every loss at his feet. There are plenty of reasons why the Steelers, as a team, underperformed this season, from injuries, to clock management issues, and, at times, just plain poor execution on both sides of the ball. But hereís what I want to discuss: the offense and scoring in particular.

    Why do we consistently fail to put up points when our team has an elite QB, one of if not the best group of WRs in the league, an elite RB (and an excellent backup), and an average (when healthy) offensive line? Sanchez, Romo, Ryan, Fitzpatrick and Newton all have more passing touchdowns that Big Ben, but few (Editorís note: no one) would argue are better quarterbacks. This simply should not happen; none of these QBs have a better set of options for the pass.

    Now many would say that our problem is poor offensive line play. But a quick look at Football Outsiders tells a slightly different story when it comes to pass protection. According to their stats, Pittsburghís O-line ranked 20th in pass pro. But Carolina (21st), Green Bay (23rd), and Arizona (28th) scored at least as many passing touchdowns as the Steelers (the Packers scored 51!) with worse performances from their offensive lines.

    Another telling stat: Pittsburgh is 10th in the league in total passing yards this season, yet only 21st in scoring. The full list of teams with a better total scoring rank is a depressing read. These rankings tell a story every Steelers fan knows all too well, this team can move the ball between the 20s on almost any opponent but fails to finish drives. Whatís more, this team hasnít last broken the top ten in scoring since 2007 (9th), Ariansí first year as the offensive coordinator.

    My argument is that given this team, with a franchise quarterback, outstanding receiving options including a solid tight end, and a very respectable set of running backs has continued to underwhelm. I have no suggestions for Ariansí replacement, nor am I saying fire him immediately. I just think we should look around and see what else is available.

    [url=""] ... #more-6671[/url]
    The highlighted part of this post is the fallacy that everyone makes when asking why Arians' offense can't score points. Ben is the only elite player on offense, the WRs are young and inexperienced and getting better, but they are not this unstoppable force. The running backs right now are average (potential doesn't translate to performance) and the TEs are slightly above average because of Heath (and, in today's NFL his blocking ability has little affect on a game). The o-line is at best average, I would say below average, the reasons not withstanding (injury, talent and no continuity).

    Personally, I think Ben gets as much out of this group as possible. He also gets the least out of them as possible at times due to his erratic play. Look back at 2011 without the Steeler colored shades, Wallace fell off the planet after game 8, Mendenhall never was dominant, Heath had catches in the 1st quarter and then disappeared, the o-line isn't built to be good at run blocking or pass blocking, so, the Steelers get average o-line play and hope Ben can make something happen. Ben himself, would put the Steelers in a hole and then proceed to climb out (for the most part) and when he couldn't they lost.

    The offense needs help on the interior line (specifically guards) and more consistent play from Ben and the WRs. The running backs need to step up to being above average NFL caliber backs. I'm not certain the players currently on the roster are the answer to the scoring problems of the Steelers.

    Sanders and Brown may end up being the #1 and #2 receivers with Wallace being #3 and hopefully, Cotchery would like to give it another go as the #4. The offenses in the NFL with a tight end that is exclusively a pass receiver are being very successful, the Steelers need to probably try and develop or draft a weapon of this nature. Heath is a throw back and I love the way he plays and conducts himself, but I'm not certain he's the answer in today's NFL at tight end.

    Ben is never going to be consistent because of the way he plays, so, the Steelers have to take the good with the bad and the good outweighs the bad by a long shot.

    Steeler fans take a hard look at the talent and I believe you'll come to the same conclusion, that Arians while part of the problem, isn't the main problem or the only problem. He can stay or go as far as I'm concerned, but the players need to improve or the Steelers need to find more talented players before the offense will be as successful as many think it should.

    "Youngness" argument doesn't hold water when you have teams like the Niners and Bengals that score more but are actually younger than the Steelers.

    BA offenses have never ranked higher than 9th in the league in scoring. And have recently been quite averaging or worse.

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    Re: Arians Stays but Same Problem Remains: Steelers Canít Sc

    Don't make excuses for Arians by bringing the OL into the discussion. We know it sucks & he knows it sucks. Tomlin's crap rah rah mantra of 'the standard is the standard' is just that, crap. You wanna know what a GOOD offensive coordinator does? He designs plays to his teams strengths. With that in mind, once inside the 20's you have Heath, Saunders, Hines, Brown, & Mendenhall on the field. You have Ben in shotgun because having him under center does nothing but waste time dropping back before he is getting his butt kicked cause the OL can't block. If he is under center it is to hand off, to go play action to a quick hitter, or it's to bootleg which we don't do enough of. Wallace isn't on the field inside the 20's cause his hands suck. Hines is cause he can catch in tight spaces & he can take a hit & hold onto the ball. Heath & Saunders are both huge targets. You can throw jump balls to Saunders. If we get inside the 5 then Redman replaces Mendy.

    A good OC would also get rid of the retarded bunch formations of wr's & te's 5 yards from the tackles. This causes the defensive secondary to mirror the formation keeping more defenders inside the hash marks. This makes it possible for 2 DB's to cover 3 wr's for a time & takes away any possibility of a quick hitter pass. The steelers do this to open up the passing on the outside but it doesn't work cause it takes too long to develop. Spreading teams out makes it more of a one on one battle between Wr/TE & db which is what we should be looking for. This creates matchup issues & why Brady normally destroys us cause he can see that the lone cb can't cover X receiver or that Anthony killswitch smith is the deep help. It's moronic I can see this crap & BA can't.

    Btw I hate auto correct cause I had to edit this 3 times due to it!

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    Re: Arians Stays but Same Problem Remains: Steelers Canít Sc

    Steelers coordinator Arians might not return to team

    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on January 18, 2012

    Ben Roethlisberger isnít going to be happy with a bit of breaking news in Pittsburgh.

    Two weeks after Big Ben gave the organization a pre-emptive warning about possibly changing offensive coordinators, there is a report that offensive coordinator Bruce Arians may not be back with the team.

    Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Ariansí status with the team is uncertain. Ariansí contract is up; itís unclear if the Steelers donít want Arians back or whether Arians is considering retirement. The latter seems more likely.

    Weíve been down a similar road with Arians before. In January of 2010, there was an incorrect radio report that Arians was fired after the season. Arians also thought about retiring after last season because of health problems.

    Club president Art Rooney said Tuesday that a few Steelers coaches are considering retirement, but didnít say which coaches.

    The Steelers transitioned to more of a pass-based offense this season, but they were inconsistent as a unit. They finished 21st in team scoring and gave up a ton of sacks. Pittsburghís lack of forced turnovers on defense didnít help.

    Arians has been the teamís offensive coordinator for five years. Coach Mike Tomlin told Arians last week heíd be back with the team and said publicly he expected Arians to return.

    [url=""] ... ot-return/[/url]

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    Re: Arians Stays but Same Problem Remains: Steelers Canít Sc

    If Art 2 is going over Tomlin to get rid of Arians, does he have the decision on who we will hire?


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