It took awhile but wanted to put out how I feel after the loss...
Did Lebeau take a dumb pill? SACK THE QB!!!---You see where this false stat of 1st against the pass got us. How do we give up 316 yds to the worst qb in the league...where was the over the top help from Mundy? What happen to Ike that day?

Bad inury timing---Walking wounded: Pouncey, Ben, Mendy, Clark---If he plays this game...we win. Every thing line up for a loss.

Our offense has too much talent to be this ineffective. Arians, is he the problem?

Hate the way we lost but only took a day to get over it as it became painful to see all of our wounded trying to play.

Use Mendy and Redman as a 1-2 punch next year...sack the the clock at times and keep the Brady's, Brees and Rodgers off the field. The run will open our pass to our great WR Core and help keep Ben upright.

I read the other posts...Yes Godell has takin alot from this game...but I won't let him win. He won't be the commish forever and while I don't like this brand of football...I will deal with it like the Steelers do: Adjust and come out winning anyways.

Lastly: Its gonna hurt watching football this weekend and not see the Black and Gold on the field.