We made the mistake of not valuing Starks enough at the beginning of this season (his fault for being fat). I hope we don't make that same mistake and let him go again because he will still be valuable to us for a couple more years.

I think our biggest need is two good Guards. We give up way too much pressure up the middle. Kemo is garbage and needs to be put out on the curb. Foster is nothing more than a back up on any team in the NFL with a decent OL.

I hope we go OG or OT in Round 1 and then get another on in Round 3. If we can get a Round 1 OT then let him OJT on the inside for a year.

Until we fix our OL all we are going to see is inconsistent offense and just hear it blamed on Arians who is trying to drive a car at Daytona with a flat tire (the poor OL).