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Thread: Return On Investment?

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    Re: Return On Investment?

    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo
    Quote Originally Posted by BradshawsHairdresser
    Quote Originally Posted by steeler_george
    But it was more based on the fact, that we had no depth at tackle going in. Hotel was cut, Starks was also injured, Hills never panned out, and J. Scott was a defintely not the answer as we saw the limited snaps he received this year.

    I am curious how they address the OT position this year.

    Starks and Colon again finished on IR.
    J. Scott is going to be cut to get under the cap.
    I don't think this team can address all it's needs solely through the draft; cut some dead weight in order to pursue a decent OL help in FA.
    You also forgot Ike Taylor in your original messge. We are paying premium prices on defense and then complaining about the offense.

    I totally agree that we need to part ways with some veterans like Farrior, Smith, Hampton, Foote, Bmac, etc and use some of that money to get a good OL. We need to invest in this area and quit giving LeBeau a garage full of Ferrari's and then complaining that Arians isn't doing enough with Honda Accords.
    Last time I checked, Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders, Heath Miller, and Rashard Mendenhall ain't exactly Honda Accords. And it's not like we can complain that the front office is ignoring the OL anymore...high picks in back to back years were spent on Pouncey and Gilbert.

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    Re: Return On Investment?

    Perhaps none of the three gave a great return on investment in year one, but isn't the bigger question whether or not there is reason to believe that they still can moving forward?

    Not to give excuses for their 2011 seasons, but rather some explanations as to why there is reason to believe that 2012 will show improvement.

    Start with the biggest ticket:

    Woodley started off slowly (as usual) but then suddenly became nearly unblockable. He had 1.5 sacks in his first four games and then 7.5 in his next 4. He was also getting a lot more pressure in those second four games. After this burst he only played in two more games - in a limited capacity - prior to the playoffs. It is a logical assumption that Woodley never healed. Now he has a full off-season to rehab it and should enter the 2012 with as much promise as he had entering this season.

    Timmons, it seemed, was poised to make a splash entering this season. The problem here is that he never got his game into a rhythm. He played every LB position. The problem with playing out of position is that you spend more time thinking than letting your instincts take over. I think that his play improves as he steps back inside.

    As far as Troy goes, he is a gambler and you get what you get. When he gambles and loses he looks bad, but when he wins it looks spectacular. A couple of more winning gambles next year and he is back to his All-Pro form.

    Ike had a great year up until the end. He was the #1 CB on the top passing D in the league. A league that otherwise did not create turnovers, nor pressure the QB as they had in the past. Yet Ike still held up against every challenge until the end.

    My bigger problem was with the contract given to Colon. I never bought into the hype, and he was already coming off of a serious injury. An injury that is serious enough for most players, let alone one who must dig his legs in against 300 pounders on every play. Big risk prior to the signing, and the issues that fell him were far more predictable than those that hurt Woodley and Timmons.

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    Re: Return On Investment?

    Well, since this is a hindsight is 20/20 thread... as it relates to Woodley, one could argue that they could've let him walk and still been in the same shape we are now. If we did, Worilds would've played the majority of the season, which he did anyway. Next year, Chris Carter should make a jump in his development, and I personally expect him to become the next in line of Steelers OLBs. He would've/could've served in that capacity next year, and possibly take over the Harrison the year after.

    We would save $60m in cap, allowing us to spend elsewhere. I'm not saying they necessarily should... even though I've bashed Woodley this year... I'm just saying that an argument could be made. Timmons and Polamalu would be tough to justify.
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    Re: Return On Investment?

    My question is, What kind os shape is Willie Colon going to be in if he can play next year (See last 2 years)? He has missed 2 years, basically and not much of training camp this past season. I would bet he is far from playing shape.
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