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But it was more based on the fact, that we had no depth at tackle going in. Hotel was cut, Starks was also injured, Hills never panned out, and J. Scott was a defintely not the answer as we saw the limited snaps he received this year.

I am curious how they address the OT position this year.

Starks and Colon again finished on IR.
J. Scott is going to be cut to get under the cap.
I don't think this team can address all it's needs solely through the draft; cut some dead weight in order to pursue a decent OL help in FA.
You also forgot Ike Taylor in your original messge. We are paying premium prices on defense and then complaining about the offense.

I totally agree that we need to part ways with some veterans like Farrior, Smith, Hampton, Foote, Bmac, etc and use some of that money to get a good OL. We need to invest in this area and quit giving LeBeau a garage full of Ferrari's and then complaining that Arians isn't doing enough with Honda Accords.
Last time I checked, Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders, Heath Miller, and Rashard Mendenhall ain't exactly Honda Accords. And it's not like we can complain that the front office is ignoring the OL anymore...high picks in back to back years were spent on Pouncey and Gilbert.