That's odd...when Chadman read the article the first time, he didn't pick up on the anti-Tomlin slant.

Thought there was a lot of decent research put into the article, to be honest.

Not everyone will agree on opinion pieces, but it is somewhat true that Tomlin took over a team that Cowher had pieced together quite nicely. That isn't Tomlin's fault, or a knock on Tomlin. More of a 'props to Cowher' type thing. Still, there are plenty of talented football teams that don't win Super Bowls- Philadelphia 2011 anyone? So Tomlin's accomplishment, even if it was started by Cowher, cannot be taken from him.

Interesting to read about his season- to- season turnarounds in regards to winning, or more importantly, not losing like he had the season before. And how he rarely loses back-to-back games.

If anything, Chadman found the article somewhat supportive of Tomlin, if not overly supportive.

One thing that rarely gets mentioned in relation to drafted players to roster members conversations go- the Steelers roster has been set & solid for a number of years. This is a tough group to break into & get a start on. So the fact that middle to late round draft picks 'fail' to stick is not that surprising really.