WAAAY too many extrapolations to fit his 'theories and ideas'.

Giving Tomlin's SB to Cowher is a complete JOKE.

For one, NEITHER man drafts the players. And NEITHER has some special veto power to take certain players. Yes, each man in the draft room can speak passionately about a player he wants and may get him. But you can't do it every pick and we don't know which ones were truly Tomlin specials or group decisions. And the more wrong you are, the less weight you carry in the War room. Tomlin is FAAAAR from a GM. Same as Cowher. And Tomlin more than likely had less weight in his first couple seasons.

So did this have alot of words that made a nice story? Yes, but it was just a story.

ALL coaches lose and lose big games.

The job he did last year to even get to the Super Bowl with that OL was amazing.

This year was a fine job fighting through the season with a positive record.
How many other coaches would have won a playoff game with this OL?

JScott - Kemo - Legs - Foster - Gilbert
Backup - bad player - weak feeble - unwanted - rookie
That my friends is possibly the WORST OL in playoff history.

How about finishing with THREE DL? Yes, a rookie, second year man and an unwanted scrub were the DL for us in the second half of that game....no subs.

Want to go back and fire Coach Noll for losing the 2 SBs in the middle of the first 4? He had the best team EVER and didn't win. Why? Injury problems that PALE in comparison to these beset upon Tomlin this year. Today FA makes it impossible to get past heavy injuries to the big men on the two lines. We had BOTH lines decimated.

This is the ONLY thing I agree with in the "article:"

"To me this is bad management. You have two choices: Take the 'bye' now against Cleveland and hope you win. Or fight for a 'maybe bye' (which never came). Why not just give your players the guaranteed rest right then and there? I suppose Tomlin was afraid to be anything less than a 2 seed, where he has had success."

Should have conceded but it doesn't appear to be in the DNA of Tomlin or Big Ben. Not the worst thing to have to live with. How about have zero fight in your DNA like Norv Turner running your team.

So jump up and down about this article all you want for waking a nice story.
But it is completely fiction taped together as fact.