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I think fans lament over losses harder than players and coaches do. I mean how fired up do you really think Tomlin is over this season? Guy has it made. Stadium is full, team is 12-4, have been to two Superbowls in what 5 years with this crew? Dude is riding the wave right now & doesn't want to screw things up. Firing a coordinator & trying to improve things could make things worse so what's his motivation to do so.
A lot of key Steelers starters weren't able to stay healthy this year...who knows what they could have done with better health?

Firing Arians, LeBeau or Tomlin doesn't make those guys healthier...
I have no beef with keeping Lebeau. But answer this, was our redzone woes this year limited to just this season? Has this been an issue for more than this season, the past two, three, four seasons? Would firing Arians and hiring a new OC fix this issue?[/quote:37gu1qfg]

A new OC won't fix the way Ben plays and Ben isn't a consistent QB. He is clutch, gritty and a great playmaker but he isn't fluid and he doesn't take what is there half the time.

There is no way Ben moves the ball with ease between the 20's and somehow gets handicapped by Arians in the RZ. How can Ben be so awesome yet so easily foiled by the OC once inside the 20?