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Thread: Ward Willing to Take Pay Cut

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    Re: Ward Willing to Take Pay Cut

    Some Ward for ya.

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    Re: Ward Willing to Take Pay Cut

    [quote=JUST-PLAIN-NASTY][quote="SS Laser":2sr4bf6l]
    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe
    Quote Originally Posted by "JUST-PLAIN-NASTY":2sr4bf6l
    But it would also bring a tear to my eye to hear he agrees to stay here for a vet min renego plus his signing bonus. If he does that, that is a higher pedestal I will put him on.
    As if he needs to do anything more to cement his status, but you are RIGHT. The way he's always representing, he treats the game JUST LIKE the fans. In an era of pro sports when everyone is buddy-buddy, he keeps hated opponents (i.e. Ravens) at a healthy distance, etc.

    If he were to make this gesture, it would cement him with a spot alongside the 70's Steelers, etc. where he already is anyway.

    He will do what the Bus did. Will be a steeler in 2012 and make plays for us. Even if it is blocking.

    Also I seen he was or will be on a NFL network show. Have to look into that more.[/quote:2sr4bf6l]

    But you guys know what I'm talking about. If he leaves...We all know why and that wouldn't change what he did here. But if he does the "Bettis" route...I will hold him in the same regard as Bettis. Bettis was a little different because he didn't have a ring but there is just something special about the profesional athlete who makes a move to show all heart & no ego. All heart & no ego is the Steeler's name.[/quote:2sr4bf6l]

    As I said, he is my 2nd/1st favorite Steeler. So he can't really go higher on my "pedestal". Having said that, after reading this original article, my first or second thought was that this was a play in the media, to curry favor and put the onus on the team so that when he does go, it'll look like he wanted to stay when there was really no chance of him staying.

    But if he were to take a real paycut in an effort to "remain a Steeler", I agree. It would be an unquestionable gesture. I'm jaded, so even with Hines, I don't see it happening. But what do I know.
    Guys and gals,
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    Re: Ward Willing to Take Pay Cut

    I also think Ward will be on NFL Networks show No Huddle this wednesday at 10pm. But I can not confirm because I suck searching the NFL website or the website sucks!

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    Re: Ward Willing to Take Pay Cut

    I can't see any team giving Hines much more than the vet min. All that another team can offer is the chance to fight for a starting spot in camp - I can't see any team just handing him one.

    The question is do we offer him a contract to start the season as the #4 or 5 or do we decide that it time to move on? Based on the fact that he never whined about being dropped way down the list this season, and because he is the type of good teammate who will help the kids when needed, I can see him getting the offer to return.

    Although, I think that I would rather watch him hang 'em up and have a Hines Ward day with a nice pre-game ceremony sometime next season.

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    Re: Ward Willing to Take Pay Cut

    Hines could renegotiate his salary into NLTBE (Not Likely To Be Earned) incentives...that way, Hines could conceivably earn his scheduled salary and the cap hit would be put off until next year...

    Given Sanders' injury history, this could be the best deal Hines can get. I don't think he ever came back 100% after his injury this year...
    Actually, my post was NOT about you...but, if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that &!+€# up and wear it.


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