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Thread: I Might Vote For Obama

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    I Might Vote For Obama

    if Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee.

    I typically end up abstaining from voting in most presidential elections because the choices in my lifetime have been so bad.

    But I cannot stand Romney so much that I might feel compelled to vote against him. And I think Obama is totally clueless and would struggle running a McDonald's franchise.

    Can anyone give me one reason to even like Romney? One small reason to support him?

    BTW, I do like that he's Mormon. I know several Mormon folks that are the nicest, highest character individuals I've ever met in my lifetime. And I think a Mormon would bring an interesting perspective to the White House as long as it wasn't Romney.

    I don't know what it is, but I can't figure out why anyone is supporting this guy.

    Hopefully an independent will run. I do think this is the year an independent could run away with the vote. We're likely going to end up with the worst choice for president in our nation's history.


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    Re: I Might Vote For Obama

    I think it is a shame that with all the million Americans we have a difficult time finding the right person for the job.
    Probably the person/person best suited are people that can't afford to run or do not have enough political favors they can cash in upon.

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    Re: I Might Vote For Obama

    Hmmm... I'm not the biggest Romney supporter in the world. However, he's a guy with a wealth of successful executive experience at a time where we need to have an actual adult in charge. He's a guy who knows how the business world runs and the effect of taxation and regulation on the private sector. While he's not my first choice, I don't think he's a bad choice. Frankly, any of the GOP nominees are better than Obama. Heck, there are several Democrats that would be better than Obama.

    Part of my problem with the presidency anymore is the who running for office. It's more about who can market themselves better to a nation that watches American Idol than who can be the most effective executive. Alas...

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    Re: I Might Vote For Obama

    I have narrowed down between Obama or Ron Paul for president.
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    Re: I Might Vote For Obama

    Ron Paul all the way braaaaw.

    Seriously though, Ron Paul is making the GOP very nervous and actually upset with how much he is influencing things these days. I find the reaction from the media and all the talking heads a lot like the Gandhi Quote
    "First They ignore you,
    Then they laugh at You,
    Then they fight you,
    Then you win"

    I believe we are in the 3rd stage of this hypothesis...

    Ron Paul 2012

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    Re: I Might Vote For Obama

    Quote Originally Posted by fezziwig
    I think it is a shame that with all the million Americans we have a difficult time finding the right person for the job.
    Probably the person/person best suited are people that can't afford to run or do not have enough political favors they can cash in upon.
    I think the issue with the poor quality of candidates stem from the fact that the best qualified candidates don't run because they do not want to have themselves and their families dragged through the mud.

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    Re: I Might Vote For Obama

    The problem with Romney is that he's just not an inspiring guy and he comes off as a canned man whose only core conviction is that he should be President.

    I am sure he is a nice guy, and his life story shows a guy who is persistent, hard-working and decent - but if you are looking for someone who will take political risks or try to actually lead the country away from its current descent into European-style social democracy - he's not your man. On the other hand, if you want somebody that will more effectively manage our decline into European-style social democracy and, perhaps slow it down, then Romney will do.

    I don't dislike Romney, but the reality is he is being forced upon the conservative base of the Republican Party by an establishment that doesn't believe in limited government and could care less if a Republican governs from the left, so long as the Republicans "win." I'm not interested in watching the GOP do what the Democrats do, only with a slightly different flavor and pace.

    Romney's entire justification for running is reflected by the GOP establishment's priority of simply "winning." That's why we are being told relentlessly that Romney is the most-electable and some sort of inevitable nominee.

    I don't buy that Romney is electable, anyway. He got LESS votes in Iowa this year than 4 years ago. He is a one-term governor whose signature achievement was a healthcare program that served as the basis for Obamacare. He lost to John McCain in 2008. He cannot connect with people and comes off as canned and awkward half the time. He is now making a hash out of releasing his taxes and coming off looking like he has something to hide.

    It's also telling that he lost over a 10 point lead in a few weeks of televised criticism of his record since South Carolina was the 1st state where he faced as much negative advertisements as he dished out in Iowa and NH on his opponents.

    Doesn't sound too electable to me.

    I think we're totally screwed regardless, but maybe if Gingrich and Romney can take this into a brokered convention, somebody else can step forward at the last minute and be nominated. That has not happened in modern political history, but it's a weird time and nobody in the GOP seems all that happy with the set of nominees.

    Let's not forget that Paul Ryan, Mitch Daniels and Marco Rubio were all too cowardly or calculating to run and so the GOP doesn't even have an actual conservative running. Ryan is particularly useless - he launches a dramatic plan to reform Medicare, thus giving the Democrats a huge campaign issue where they can demonize Republicans as hating the elderly and then he refuses to run and leaves everyone else to defend it. Thanks Ryan!

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    Re: I Might Vote For Obama

    Gingrich's problem is that he proven to be a do as I say not as I do kinda guy over the years.*

    Romney has a few problems *

    He's making way more money than most people and paying taxes at a much lower rate than most. That won't sit well.*

    It also isn't abundantly clear why he is running. There was a moment in thursdays debate when he said that when Gingrich was in Washington he (Romney) never found himself thinking "I'm glad there are guys in Washington creating a business friendly environment" (I'm paraphrasing a bit).

    So if that was his view, why run? *And btw don't think that comment wasn't lost on the obama people. If Reagan lowering the tax rate back in the80s didn't matter to Romney. How can he expect to argue that lowering the tax rate even further than Reagan did will spur investment?
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    Re: I Might Vote For Obama

    Yep there is a guy that I'll vote for

    Molon labe

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    Re: I Might Vote For Obama

    I wish one canidate would run and if he said anything close to this I, would vote for him.

    canidate: I have no political background or agenda, I run my life with commonsense. I stand for family values, American rights, little to no unemployment, pride in these words, " Made In America " and I would like to fix this country to the best of my abilities. I would also like to save this country some money by getting rid of of a few fat cats in goverment and cutting the wages and expenses of others. The average Americans are making it on so few dollars, the ones that are elected should be doing the same.

    Also, unlike the other canidates, the Presidents salary is a lot of money to me.

    I'd vote for a guy like that. The educated ones haven't exactly been anything to brag about.


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