if Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee.

I typically end up abstaining from voting in most presidential elections because the choices in my lifetime have been so bad.

But I cannot stand Romney so much that I might feel compelled to vote against him. And I think Obama is totally clueless and would struggle running a McDonald's franchise.

Can anyone give me one reason to even like Romney? One small reason to support him?

BTW, I do like that he's Mormon. I know several Mormon folks that are the nicest, highest character individuals I've ever met in my lifetime. And I think a Mormon would bring an interesting perspective to the White House as long as it wasn't Romney.

I don't know what it is, but I can't figure out why anyone is supporting this guy.

Hopefully an independent will run. I do think this is the year an independent could run away with the vote. We're likely going to end up with the worst choice for president in our nation's history.